Forget prosecco: it’s time to talk about progrigio

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Prosecco, as we all know, is one of the best boozy drinks around (especially when you consider the fact that it’s delicious and packs in some unexpected health benefits).

However, as ever, there’s no sunshine without rain, and there’s no booze without inflated post-Brexit prices.

Given we’re about to be hit in the pocket by increased alcohol duties, the price of prosecco has been predicted to rise by nine percent, thanks to inflation and potential alcohol-duty increases post-Brexit.

Miles Beale, chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, told The Telegraph: “Unless the government reviews this policy, the rise in inflation will slap a further £60m on spirits consumers. 

“And wine consumers could face a double blow if potential duty rises of £120m are added to the impact of the devaluation of the pound, which – together – could cost over £400m this year alone.”

Now an unlikely new hero has stepped in to defend our purse strings from prosecco taxes.

And that hero is progrigio.

The brainchild of Asda, this new fusion drink blends prosecco with white wine – or, to be more specific, with pinot grigio.

Each bottle, priced at a meagre £5, promises to deliver a truly unique taste experience (and, yes, we mean that in a good way).

“Progrigio is a new Italian sparkling wine aimed at the prosecco and pinot grigio customer to try something familiar but just a little different,” the supermarket’s wine buyer Jack Clayton explains

“It is a fresh, floral and aromatic wine balanced by citrus fruits, white peaches and minerality.”

Asda have tried to keep everything as authentically Italian as possible, by producing their new fizz 1250 miles away on the Mediterranean.

They’ve also used a blend of Italian grapes called Glera - which are traditionally used to make prosecco - and Italian pinot grigio wine.

So, when you consider that the average bottle of prosecco costs between £6 and £11 at Asda, it definitely seems as if this budget bottle of booze is well worth a try.

After all, is there anything sweeter than the taste of a good bargain?

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