Are low alcohol pubs the future of our nights out?

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No alcohol pub

The UK’s first no and low alcohol pub could pave the way for a new kind of Big Night Out. 

Millennials are swapping boozy nights out for cosy nights in with Netflix, according to a recent study. It suggested that teetotalism was becoming “mainstream” after results found that the number of people under 24 who do not drink increased from 18% in 2005 to 29% in 2015.

Of course, Brits still love a cheeky tipple, as another recent alcohol study showed that people in the UK drink more alcohol than any other country in the world. In fact, the research suggested that the average person gets “drunk” on average once a week.

Considering these studies alongside each other, they suggest that the younger generation are opting to limit their alcohol intake more than previous generations.

This is why news of the UK’s first no and low-alcohol pub will no doubt pique your interest.

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The Clean Vic by Sainsbury’s will open its doors on New Oxford Street from 24 to 25 July, serving a range of beers, wines and mocktails. But there’s a twist… 

While the pop-up looks exactly like a traditional pub, complete with bartenders and pints, everything on offer will in fact be entirely non-alcoholic or have an ABV of just 0.5%.

This trial comes as the supermarket has seen a 31.8% increase in sales of no and low alcoholic products in the last twelve weeks and a 33% increase in customers searching for non-alcoholic products online. 

First non and low alcohol pub in London
First non and low alcohol pub in London

If the no and low alcohol pub proves to be a hit, does this mean that our Big Nights Out are about to change forever? 

Well as out ever-growing list of the best rooftop bars in London and news of the French Spritz having a bit of a moment this summer, it’s unlikely we’ll be turning our backs on the traditional London nights out just yet. 

But, as the way we’re shopping on the high-street is slowly but surely changing - thanks to plastic-free shopping incentives - this could definitely have an effect on the way our pubs and bars are run. 

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Entry into The Clean Vic costs £5 and you can book your tickets here

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