The Queen's eating plan has just been revealed and it makes for fascinating reading

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Whether we love them or loathe them, us Brits are simply fascinated by what the royal family get up to in their spare time.

That’s why when the family’s former private chef Darren O’Grady spilled the beans on what the royalty get up to in the dining room, we couldn’t wait to find out what else the Queen does apart from eating a banana with a knife and fork

And just as you would imagine, the results range from banal to absolutely hilarious.

So, first of all, the Queen refuses to eat garlic. She despises it, in fact.

"The queen would never have garlic on the menu. She hated the smell of it, she hated the taste of it,” said O’Grady to Marie Claire.

However, she holds a penchant for Kelloggs cereal, and her favourite food is dark chocolate, according to the insider source.

But just as we imagined, the family do go all in for their dining experience — in the way that only royals can.

"They'd come down in dressy ball gowns, and sit at the table — like a Downton Abbey dinner. All the fine china was brought out. At the end of the meal, a bagpipe player would walk around the table,” said the private chef.

But even though the royals often dined in opulence, there was one family member that simply struggled with turning up on time.

 "Dinner was at 8.30 in Balmoral when Her Majesty the Queen Mother was in attendance," McGrady said.

“They used to tell her that dinner was at 8.15, and she'd be the last one down. They told everyone else 8.30 because they knew she'd be late.”

And it appears that even the royal family cannot resist the allure of the corporate beast that is McDonald's.

Although the chef insisted that he could make far better burgers than the brand, the little princes loved the Happy Meal toys far too much to resist.

So there we are, dear reader —we could just be one McFlurry away from being in the company of Prince William and Harry.

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