QUIZ: How healthy is your relationship with your finances?

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Whether you’ve been carefully saving since your first paper round, or spending your cash as soon as your pay check hits your account, everyone has a different style of money management. And by identifying your money personality, you can improve your relationship with your finances, and shape your future for the better. Take our quiz to find out how…

When it comes to our relationship with our money, everyone’s spending style is as unique as our personalities. Some of us channel our energies into saving our hard-earned cash for a rainy day, while others can’t resist the lure of an impulse buy, even if it means our pay packet disappears all-too soon.

While most of us have an established financial script when it comes to future-proofing or spending, very few of us actually understand our emotional relationship with money, and how our behaviours impact our wellbeing. 

But the bottom line is, by understanding our attitudes towards our money and the value we place on it, we can transform our financial prospects.

If you’re looking to check-in on your financial wellness, take our personality quiz to discover how healthy your relationship with money really is, and the ways in which you can fine-tune it for the future. 

Question 1/7

How often do you think about money?

Question 2/7

How do you feel about spending money?

Question 3/7

How would you describe your spending habits?

Question 4/7

How do you feel about saving?

Question 5/7

Have you ever budgeted?

Question 6/7

Do you have any financial plans in place for the future?

Question 7/7

Have you ever considered investing?

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Whether you’re thinking about investing or just looking to talk about any financial issues you may have, join A Woman’s Worth Collective – a space created by Stylist and NatWest for women to get free tips on what they can be doing to improve their financial wellbeing, with no judgments or biases.

NatWest is the bank that believes ‘we are what we do’. Whatever your financial needs, they’ll do all they can to help keep your relationship with money healthy.

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