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Quiz: these 6 things really did happen, according to the show’s writer

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If you still need to catch up with ITV’s Quiz (hurry up!), be aware that there are plenty of spoilers ahead…

So, were the Ingrams guilty or not? That’s the question millions of viewers were left asking themselves last night after the third and final episode of Quiz

The ITV miniseries followed the real-life story of Diana and Charles Ingram, who were found guilty of cheating on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2001. The couple, along with fellow contestant, Tecwen Whittock, were accused of using coughing to signal correct answers on Charles’ journey to winning £1 million. 

Although the first two episodes of the drama seemed to make a very clear-cut case that they were guilty, the third episode presented a pretty strong argument for their innocence.

Sian Clifford, who played Diana, suggested she believes the Ingrims’ plea of innocence in a tweet that read: “Thrilled you all think it’s cut and dry after tonight’s episode - looks like we pulled off THE HEIST. But tomorrow we bring you, THE TRUTH. New evidence to be revealed…”

And Aisling Bea, who played ITV entertainment commissioner Claudia Perry, has since said: “Oh GAD. ITS BREXIT ALL OVER AGAIN. I think they’re innocent if you’re asking me, not Claudia.”

The Ingrims maintain their innocence and are appealing their case, which means the real-life ongoing saga continues. 

But one thing we can all agree on is that Quiz was a brilliant show, thanks to fantastic casting (including Helen McCrory as the couple’s formidable defence lawyer) and sharp and funny writing. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little gameshow nostalgia? Especially during these times.

So fans will be fascinated to hear that many of the behind-the-scenes events in the series really did take place in real life. The show’s writer, James Graham, shared the details on his Twitter feed throughout the series.

According to Graham, these are the realities behind some Quiz key scenes…

1. The courtroom coughing fit

“Yes a collective coughing fit really DID break out in court one day during the coughing major’s trial and the session had to be suspended.”

2. Chris Tarrant’s surprise court appearance

“In real life, when Tarrant entered, the court was starstruck. Huge hush descended.

“This was the first bit Michael [Sheen] filmed. Me, cast, crew hadn’t seen him in his gear [or] heard his voice yet. So he walks in, and a hush descended and we were all [star-struck].


3. And this question

“Yes the judge really asked Tarrant if ‘that was his final answer.’”

Quiz: Sian Clifford and Matthew Macfadyen star as the Ingrams.
Quiz: Sian Clifford and Matthew Macfadyen star as the Ingrams.

4. The first meeting about the scandal took place during the twin towers attack

“Yes, extraordinarily, the head of ITV programming was in a meeting about the coughing major when the first plane hit the twin towers. And had to suspend their conversation to react.

“The world is weird.”

5. The Glitter Man exists

“The Glitter Man is real. Repeat. The Glitter Man is real.”

6. Paddy Spooner had a room of facts

“I’ve seen a photo of Paddy Spooner’s room of facts which he didn’t leave for months to ‘train’.

“The syndicate took at least £5 million and put hundreds of people in the chair!”

If you’re obsessed with the scandal as much as we are, a new official podcast called Last Question explores the making of Quiz in more fascinating detail.

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