QUIZ: Which female protagonist are you?

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Let’s face it, whatever we’re watching, we always end up doing the same thing.

Slowly but surely, we identify with one character more than the others and end up rooting for them, even when they get it seriously wrong, and rejoicing with them when they finally triumph. 

But with the release of ITV’s Vanity Fair, which sees Becky Sharp determined to climb the ranks of English society at any costs, it made us ponder one of life’s important questions - which TV heroine are we most like?

Take our quiz to very scientifically* determine which female protagonist you would be.  

*No science was harmed in the making of this quiz. Or used.

Question 1/5

A friend invites you to a dinner party but you know from experience they’re not known for their culinary skills and their parties can be a bit dry. What do you do?

Question 2/5

You’re planning a holiday. Where do you want to go?

Question 3/5

What’s your ideal weekend?

Question 4/5

What’s your biggest weakness?

Question 5/5

If you couldn’t do your current job, what job would you want?

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What did I miss?

To get your fix of strong female characters, watch Vanity Fair this September on ITV.