New radio programme, Badass Women’s Hour, launches this weekend

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Harriet Hall
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BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour has been a radio staple for 70 years, providing fascinating insight into women’s lives around the world.

And, now, it looks like the BBC flagship programme has a younger companion – as Talk Radio announces the launch of their new show, Badass Women’s Hour.

Feminism has become a hot button topic in the last few years, with discussions of the fourth wave including diverse voices tackling everything from intersectionality, to ageism and global reproductive rights.

Last year, Woman’s Hour launched a late night edition, Late Night Woman’s Hour, to address the growing number of younger listeners, and tackle the topics better suited to a later air time in real depth that the flagship’s magazine format does not allow.

Talk Radio’s new programme is jumping on the bandwagon, keen to discuss women’s issues in a more colloquial, entertaining manner.

The programme will be presented by journalist and broadcaster, Harriet Minter, who previously launched the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section. It will be co-hosted by entrepreneurs Natalie Campbell and Emma Sexton, and each edition will feature ‘bold and inspiring women from fashion, music, design and business, reacting to the biggest talking points in a funny and entertaining way.

Talk Radio already offers a roster of magazine format programmes that cover topics from politics to entertainment. And they are hoping to cover feminism in a similar way, with the presenters saying:

“It’s important to bring those real conversations that women have over dinner, drinks and in private out into the open in a more honest and badass way. The show will be funny, frank and fearless – just like we are, and we can’t wait to get started.”

Badass Women’s Hour will broadcast every Saturday at 8pm from 14 January.

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