Rainbow bagels are here to brighten up your breakfast

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Sarah Biddlecombe

It's no secret that, here at, we love a crazy food invention.

From edible bacon shots to meat-based cocktails and cakes that capture messages of heartbreak, we're always eager to see what culinary masterpiece the world's best chefs will create next.

And the latest food to grab our attention are these incredible rainbow bagels.

rainbow bagel

Bold and beautiful, the bagels will certainly brighten up mealtimes (and your Instagram feeds).

The trend first kicked off in New York (as many great food trends, such as the Cronut, did) and the colourful breads have now reached London.

rainbow bagel

Made by Yummies Deli, each bagel is created using six plaited strands of coloured dough that give the bread a rainbow appearance.

The painstaking technique means the team can only create 100 bagels per hour, compared to 2,500 plain bagels per hour.

With this in mind, it would be rude not to give one a try...

Rainbow bagels are now available in Selfridges Food Hall, priced at £4.99 for five.


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