From lobster brioche to Nutella toasties: 10 sandwiches to up your lunch game in London

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Sandwiches are what great lunchtimes are built on.

And in the sprawling, ever-expanding restaurant scene in London, there are more to choose from than ever before. Stacked and grilled, sweet and savoury, healthy and oh-so-not healthy, the choice is yours.

That's why we've rounded up 10 of the capital's sandwiches, just in time for British Sandwich Week, for your perusal.

Don't get us wrong: these might not all be sandwiches in the traditional sense of something slapped between two flat slices of Mighty White, but they're tasty packages of food joy, and really, that's all we ask for in a sandwich.

Go forth Londoners and enjoy your baps.

  • The Buttermilk Chicken One

    Other than a couple of sides, Spit & Roast does one thing and does it well: buttermilk fried chicken baps to swap your mother for. Crunchy chicken, coleslaw and hot sauce come together in the most glorious lunch you've ever had all over your face. And it does get messy, trust us. The food truck parks up in various London spots, most regularly Brockley Market and the Southbank Centre (check the website and Twitter for info).

  • The Bun One

    Hungry punters still queue in their droves for Bao and there's a good reason for that: fluffy steamed buns filled with delicious flavour combinations, such as the classic bao (braised pork, peanut powder, fermented greens and coriander) pictured. There are now three London locations: Soho, Fitzrovia (opening June 2016) and the original bar at Netil Market.

    Image: Carol Sachs

  • The Chocolate One

    Melt Room made waves when it opened in May 2015, because, well, it's a restaurant devoted to gourmet cheese toasties. Who wouldn't be excited? What you might not know is that the Soho eatery does not restrict its grilled cheese to savoury offerings, oh no. This, friends, is Nutella and mascarpone. You're welcome.

  • The Salt Beef One

    The guys at Monty's Deli make everything by hand, which includes baking bagels, curing meat and even making mustard for their awesome (and hefty) salt beef and pastrami sandwiches (such as their Reuben, pictured). Part of Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey, it's only open weekends and often has a queue, but the Jewish soul food is worth waiting for.

  • The Lobster One

    At Burger & Lobster, the first choice is simple (the clue's in the name). But for those choosing sea over land, there's a second decision to make: lobster in the shell or in the bun? While we'll always be unashamed of our enthusiasm for attacking a crustacean with any weapon to hand, one does not always have the time for a lunch needing a bib. Thus the option of lobster arriving in a convenient brioche package is a welcome and, importantly, delicious one. Burger & Lobster now has 10 locations across London.

  • The PB&J One

    The peanut butter and jelly sandwich has long been a Spuntino must-order, so if you've visited Russell Norman's Soho joint and not tried it, we'll just have to assume you have a life-threatening allergy. If you are among the uninitiated, we'll reveal the sandwich is actually a dessert, but leave you to discover the details.

    Image: Jenny Zarins

  • The Veg One

    These sandwiches were launched for British Sandwich Week by GAIL's Artisan Bakery, and the range takes inspiration from Spain to Scandinavia, but always with seasonality in mind. We particularly like the sound of their veggie option: cauliflower and spinach ‘cake’ with tomato relish, mustard yoghurt and pickled red onion. GAIL’s has bakeries across the capital: find your nearest here.

  • The Chorizo One

    NZ chef Peter Gordon's flagship London restaurant, The Providores and Tapa Room, on Marylebone High Street has this chorizo delight for you to feast on, featuring roasted pineapple relish, fried egg and smoked garlic aioli all contained (at the beginning, anyhow) in a sesame brioche bun. OK, they call it a burger, but we say the lack of a patty merits inclusion as a sandwich...

  • The Open One

    The Cali toast range from LA-inspired Bel-Air in Shoreditch is offered up as sandwiches given a West Coast makeover. Amaranth seed and quinoa rye bread comes with a variety of toppings, including banana and peanut butter with flaked coconut and bee pollen. Is an open sandwich still a sandwich? Discuss.

  • The Pastrami One

    No matter the size of your sandwich appetite, Cafe Mish in Mayfair has a concoction to suit, given all the sandwiches come in three different sizes. The roasted meat selection includes the Mish Pastrami (marinated beef brisket, Russian dressing, rose harrisa, sauerkraut and melted Emmentaler) and the meat is mouth-wateringly carved right in front of you.


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