10 delicious and simple cakes and treats to whip up in under 45 minutes

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With only a few weeks left of the nation's beloved Great British Bake Off, ovens and cake mixers up and down the country have never been more active. We all become a little bit obsessed with baking as soon as Mary Berry hits our screen in all her brightly coloured blazer glory.

However, after a long day at work, the majority of us do not have the energy to spend our evenings whipping up our Signature Bakes, let alone attempting to create a Showstopper. Instead, we would much rather flop on the sofa and eat the less than adequate baked goods from the supermarket.

Well, we are here to tell you not to be disheartened and shy away from the oven mitts, for we have found 10 scrumptious recipes to create scrumptious treats, all in under a scrumptious 45 minutes! We could hardly believe it ourselves.

So with your new found inspiration, grab your ingredients and make these fantastic desserts to accompany you as you settle down to each of the next episodes of Bake Off. On your marks, get set, BAKE!

1) Tangerine Drizzle Cake

This recipe is effortlessly simple, yet the finished product is absolutely heavenly. This tangerine drizzle cake pushes its lemony cousin out of the picture and definitely should take centre stage in your kitchen.

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2) The ultimate fudgy caramel brownies

This throw-all-the-ingredients-in-a-bowl recipe will create these incredibly fudgy, wonderfully rich and downright delicious brownies. It is hard to believe that these little bites of divine indulgence will only take 30 minutes to make.

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3) Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars

These delightful granola bars are not only no-bake, but also vegan friendly and gluten-free. The recipe also states that you can be as creative as you like, swapping out the chocolate chips for other tasty ingredients such as mini marshmallows, white chocolate or peanut butter cups.

To steer down the healthier track, try adding flax, chia, poppy or sunflower seeds. The possibilities are endless!

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4) Deconstructed toblerone tiramisu with berry compote

What is not to love about this recipe? Tiramisu good. Berries good. Toblerone GOOD. This definitely gets our stamp of approval.

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5) Molten chocolate lava cake

You don’t need to tell people at your dinner party that this decadent molten lava cake took less than half an hour to produce. You instead can smile secretly to yourself, whilst your guests are blown away by the elegant and sophisticated creation sitting on their plate. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret.

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6) Whole wheat 30 minute mini cinnamon buns

These quick and tasty treats may not taste exactly like the original cinnamon rolls, but they are a lot healthier due to the use of whole wheat flour and no butter. Which obviously means that you can have as many as you like and not feel guilty, right?

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7) Edible eggless cookie dough

You know it, we know it, raw cookie dough is the best bit about making cookies. However, regularly eating the good stuff has not been a viable option, you know, because of the risk of salmonella (sulk). That is, UNTIL NOW. Thank you for making an appearance eggless cookie dough. Thank you.

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8) Red velvet cheesecake swirl brownies

Can’t decide what to choose out of the red velvet cake, brownie or cheesecake? A solution has been found to this difficult conundrum - just have all 3-in-1. When a recipe combines three of the world’s most enjoyed desserts, we have to take a step back and salute its creator. Bravo.

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9) Carrot cake blondies

Another hybrid has made it onto our list, and it is once again, exceptionally delicious. This little treat blends the soft chewiness of a blondie with all the fantastic carrot cake flavour. Don’t forget about the cream cheese icing. The icing alone will sway any die-hard carrot cake fans out there towards trying this yummy treat.

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10) Nutella lava cookie cups

Question: what is better than a chocolate chip cookie? Answer: a cookie in the shape of a muffin that has an oozing Nutella centre. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Words: Natalie Clark

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