4 perfect gin cocktails and when to drink them

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No matter what you’ve got planned, simply add gin…

Is there an occasion that doesn’t call for gin? 

The answer, of course, is no.

But not all gins are created equal, and certain situations call for a very specific drop.

Whether it’s a classic Gordon’s London Dry or a low alcohol option, these are the gins perfect for certain occasions. 

When you’re on hosting duty

You’ve got friends over for dinner. You’ve got a sneaking suspicion they’re not going to be blown away by your pesto pasta unless you pull it out the bag with a suitably impressive aperitif. 

Time to inject a touch of class into proceedings with the essential gin and tonic. 

Subtle juniper and botanical flavours mingling with that bitter tonic finish? Ambassador, you are spoiling us…

The perfect G&T 

50ml Gordon’s London Dry Gin

100ml tonic

1.9 units

Fill a chilled oversized wine glass with ice, pour over the gin and finish with tonic and a simple wedge of lime. 

No fancy garnish required. This is very much a case of less is more…

When you’re having a quiet catch-up

Takeaway ordered, First Dates cued up, you and a friend primed to pull apart each and every one of Fred’s appalling bon mots. 

What else do you need to complete this picture of domestic bliss? 

A decidedly fancy-feeling cocktail to wash it all down with, of course. 

Word to the wise – pink is very much on trend, so get mixing for a spritz that satisfies your tastebuds as well as your Insta feed.

The perfect pink spritz

50ml Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin 

50ml lemonade

25ml prosecco

Strawberries to garnish

2.2 units

Fill a large wine glass with ice and add the pink gin and lemonade before topping with prosecco. Cut your strawberries into quarter wedges, then garnish for maximum social traction.

When you’re celebrating

It’s a birthday celebration and naturally, you want to break out the fizz. 

But straight prosecco? Too basic, friend. 

If you really want to raise the bar, try introducing Gordon’s Sloe Gin into the mix. 

Crisp sparkling wine enlivened with delicious berry notes? Yep, this is living.

The perfect sloesecco

25ml Gordon’s Sloe Gin

100ml prosecco

2 units

Take a chilled flute, add the sloe gin and top with the prosecco. Hey presto, a delicious glass of winter cheer.

When you’re cutting down

You’ve just finished your HIIT class. Every fibre of your being is screaming in agony. 

Your body is crying out, “Reward me, please, I’m so deserving”. 

What you want is a delicious gin, but ideally you’d leave it a little longer before undoing all that hard work. 

Enter Gordon’s Ultra Low Alcohol, serving up all the bittersweet goodness of a Gordon’s & Tonic, with less than 0.5% alcohol. 

Your brain will think you’re drinking while your muscles continue to recover in peace. Win-win.

The perfect Ultra Low serve

250ml Gordon’s Ultra Low Alcohol

You’re too exhausted to actually mix a drink at this stage, which is handy as Gordon’s Ultra Low Alcohol comes neatly bottled and ready to drink. Available in two delicious flavours, lime and grapefruit, just pour into your glass of choice and enjoy.

Whatever your gin needs, and whenever you need them, Gordon’s has you covered. Shop their gin collection now.