Vegan-friendly foods you thought were off-limits

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For the confectionery lovers among you, we have some very good news. 

Going vegan has become an increasingly popular movement, with more people than ever choosing to eschew foods that contain any animal products, such as cheese, eggs and, of course, meat.

But even though more and more brands are becoming au fait with animal-free living (Pret, we’re looking at you), going vegan can still feel like a daunting challenge. 

Carnivores, or even vegetarians, who are about to embark on a period of veganism could easily be forgiven for waking up in a cold sweat thinking of all the treats they’ll be giving up - or worrying that they’ll be seen as the annoying, fussy friend who insists the whole group goes to a vegan-friendly restaurant. Although that being said, there are some incredible vegan eateries, afternoon teas or comfort food recipes to try out at home if you are having that problem.

But we’re here to share some great facts about becoming a vegan with you: namely, a list of all the foods you thought were off limits, but are actually accidentally vegan. 

It turns out there’s actually loads of surprising vegan snacks, from your most-loved crisps to accidentally vegan sweets. So get your shopping list and make note of all the comfort treats you thought you’d left behind.

Please note: manufacturers can change their ingredients at any time, so please double check the ingredients before you purchase

Vegan milkshake

Humpit’s hummus milkshake

Sounds pretty out there, but being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on thick, creamy milkshake. Well, if you’re travelling to York that is. 

Humpit, the hummus and pita bar, that has eight venues across the North of England and Scotland has just announced a new invention currently exclusive to their York store: the hummus milkshake. 

The vegan brand has created the concoction using chickpeas, banana and tahini for a shake that’s full of protein, fibre and essential vitamins. 

Speaking to Metro, Humpit said that hummus shakes are already big in America and that the “100% plant-based, super-tasty, gluten-free shake can be enjoyed by many as a pre-or post-gym treat.”

Would you give it a go? You can find out more here.

Vegan crisps 

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

Hippeas organic chickpea puffs sweet and smokin
Surprising vegan food

Although they’re not the most indulgent of snacks, it’s good to know that vegans can tuck into a packet of these sweet and smokin’ puffs guilt-free. 

You can check out the list of ingredients for this product here


Doritos chilli heatwave crisps

Grab yourself some vegan-friendly dip and you’re ready to party

These crisps may not be the first to spring to mind when you say the word ‘vegan’ but actually, Doritos has two vegan-friendly flavours up it’s sleeve. Both the Lightly Salted and Chilli Heatwave tortilla chips are vegan. 

You can check out the list of ingredients for this product here.

Walkers Crisps


Walkers will always be a crisp cupboard staple

True crisp addicts will know there’s no heaven quite like the crunch of a classic Walkers crisp (bound between two slices of bread, if we have anything to do with it). Even better, when it comes to vegan-friendly flavours, this brand comes out on top. 

All of your favourites are on the list, including Salt & Vinegar, Ready Salted, Prawn Cocktail, Worcester Sauce and even Crinkles Simply Sea Salted.

You can check out the extensive list of ingredients for all of these products here.

Guinness Rich Beef Chilli Thick Cut Potato Chips

Guinnes rich chilli crisps

Who knew Guinness was so vegan-friendly?

Irish stout brand, Guinness, doesn’t just make top-notch booze - it’s also been known to create some pretty delectable treats, such as these thick cut potato chips.

Despite being infused with “juicy succulent beef” flavours, the Burts Chips website assures customers these crisps are suitable for vegans. We’re thinking they could be the perfect lifeline for those who are struggling with their Veganuary commitment a few weeks in. 

You can check out the list of ingredients for this product here.

Hula Hoops

Big Hula Hoops salted flavour

Hula hoops will never get old 

We’ve got fond memories of sticking a Hula Hoop on every finger and eating them like edible rings. If you’re feeling nostalgic, both the Original and Salt and Vinegar flavours are suitable for vegans.

You can check out the list of ingredients for this product here.

Vegan sweets

Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Biscuit Spread 

Lotus Biscoff Spread
Surprising vegan foods

There might not be any dairy in this delectable Biscoff-flavoured spread but that hasn’t made it any less creamy and utterly delicious. Made of the brand’s caramalised biscuits, it really is heaven in a jar. 

You can check out the list of ingredients for this product here.


Shreddies cereal

Breakfast need not change

Shreddies has been a breakfast favourite of ours since we were young. As well as being delicious, many of Shreddies’ cereals are also vegan, including the Original, Frosted, Coco and Coco Caramel flavours.

You can check out the list of ingredients for this product here.

Fox’s Party Rings 

Fox's party rings

Throwback-themed dinner party, anyone?

Who would have thought that this iconic, kids party favourite also masquerades as a vegan-friendly treat?

Fox’s website explains that the company recently made these legendary biscuits vegetarian and, since they use soya rather than milk, they can be eaten by vegans, too. 

You can check out the list of ingredients for this product here.



Skittles are still yours for the taking

Vegans, you are free to taste the rainbow whenever you please. 

You can check out the list of ingredients for this product here.

Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn

Metcalfe's skinny popcorn

We’ve been known to snaffle a packet or two of these in our time

Popcorn is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up and, happily, most of *the* Metcalfe’s flavours are suitable for vegans. The Sweet ‘n Salt, Sea Salt and Cinema Sweet popcorns are all up for grabs.

You can check out the extensive list of ingredients for all of these products here.

Happy snacking!

Images: iStock/ Metalfe’s Skinny Popcorn / Tesco / Guinness / Justin Aikin


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