The most unusual, alcoholic and vegan Easter eggs for 2018

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There’s still time to treat yourself, or someone else, to a wonderfully eggs-travagant gift this Easter. 

Whether you’ve limited your vices over the 40 days of lent or not, Easter is an indisputably brilliant time for scoffing chocolate. 

Shop shelves are piled high with brightly-wrapped eggs, mini-chocolate bunnies are rife and our appetite for sweet treats in the shape of anything vaguely spring-esque seems to be growing by the day. 

And every year the selection of Easter eggs on offer seems to get more unique, lavish and creative, which makes stocking up for the holiday more fun than ever before. 

We’ve gathered together a gorgeous mix of unusual Easter eggs to satisfy even those with the highest expectations, and hunted out the best vegan Easter eggs and alcoholic Easter eggs, too.

Take a look at our hand-picked selection below and pick out a cracking Easter treat for this year’s celebrations. 

Unusual Easter eggs

Floral Easter egg

This classic Easter egg is handmade in England and because of the individual craftsmanship that goes into every single sugar floral decoration, each egg is unique and different. If you can bare to crack it open, you’ll find an array of chocolate shapes inside. 


Candied Strawberry-filled Easter Egg

Venchi’s large, dark chocolate Easter egg is generously filled with 750g of candied strawberries, making it a little bit different to most of those on the market. It also comes wrapped up in layers of beautiful tissue and ribbons, which makes it feel even more special. 


You Crack Me Up Easter Egg 

Who wouldn’t want their extra-thick-shelled Easter egg to be filled with hilariously expressive mini eggs and bunnies? This Hotel Chocolat milk, white and caramel chocolate egg has become a renowned classic, as has the deliciousness of the mellow truffles, pralines and caramels inside. 


Hand-painted Chicken Easter Egg

This hollow chocolate egg is a mixture of both milk and white chocolate and is painted by hand, using colours made from natural pigments. Together, the fine Belgian chocolate, natural ingredients and extraordinary flavours ensure the tasting experience is just as good as the visual.


Chocolate Dragon Egg

If Daenerys Targaryen ate Easter eggs, we reckon this is the one she would choose. The silky milk chocolate is decorated with black scales, iridescent red spines and the glowing embers of dragon’s fire via a touch of warming chilli. Nestled beneath hides a cluster of Columbian dark chocolate mini eggs.


Paint Splatter Easter Egg

Chococo’s latest Venezuelan milk chocolate egg is decorated with striking Jackson Pollock-esque speckles of crocus yellow, cherry blossom pink and spring sky blue, and is chockfull of Great Taste Award gold medal-winning smoked sea salt caramels.


Pink Shimmer Egg

Betty’s Tea Rooms in York is famous for its twee and unique style, a fact that is reflected beautifully in its very special Easter eggs. This one is made from the finest Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate and finished with a shimmering silver lustre, hand-piped with the woodland fern design and individually wrapped.


Vegan Easter eggs 

Bunnycomb Egg

Aldi have a whole host of vegan Easter eggs on offer this year, including a classic milk chocolate egg, an orange flavoured egg and the delicious-sounding bunnycomb egg. This particular egg is filled with honeycomb and is soya, wheat, dairy and GM free. 

£3.49, aldi

Dark Chocolate Slab 

Cocoa Delicious are offering something different this Easter, with a vegan-friendly dark chocolate slab covered in freeze-dried strawberry pieces and raw cacao nibs. Every 100g slab is handmade in small batches on the Norfolk-Suffolk border and finished with a handmade dark chocolate Easter bunny.


Ginger Chocolate Egg

Hotel Chocolat is famous for its experimental forays into the world of Easter eggs, and this year’s no different. This ‘hard-boiled’ 70% dark chocolate egg is infused with Indian ginger oil and paired with Hazelnut & Ginger Crunches, for those who love a fiery taste. 


Hazelnut Crunch Egg 

This Small Hazelnut Crunch Egg by Booja Booja is actually a beautifully hand-pained egg-shaped shell, which you can keep long after you’re done scoffing the sweet, rich and delightfully sumptuous hazelnut crunch truffles inside. 


Peanut Butter Mini Egg Truffle-filled Egg

This thick-shelled egg is filled with mouth-watering dark chocolate, soft-centred peanut butter mini truffle eggs, which means it gets a big thumbs up from us. 


Alcoholic Easter eggs

Strawberry and Prosecco White Chocolate Egg 

This Easter egg duo pack contains The Treat Kitchen’s best selling flavour Strawberry and Prosecco white chocolate egg with a matching flask of gourmet hard boiled sweets.


Edinburgh Gin Easter Egg and Elderflower Liqueur

This hollow milk chocolate egg comes paired with a delicious miniature bottle of elder-flower liqueur from the Edinburgh Gin Distillery, so you can swig while you scoff. 


Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Marc de Champagne Truffles

Prestat really know what’s up when it comes to Easter eggs. Not only is this beauty impeccably packaged (we particularly love the bright yellow bow) but it comes with a collection of delectable chocolate truffles, each with a woozy champagne center. 


Milk Chocolate Easter Egg With Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles

Charbonnel et Walker’s Easter offering almost looks too good to eat, but not quite. The pastel pink striped box is decorated with an array of Easter-themed illustrations, from adorable bunny rabbits to buzzing bees and inside you’ll find a thick-cut milk chocolate egg filled with pink champagne truffles. 


The Artisan Liqueur Egg

This luxurious truffle chocolate egg is filled with exquisite truffles that certainly pack a punch. Each lovingly-crafted individual chocolate is filled with sumptuous ganache fillings of Marc de Champagne, Kirsch, Wild Berry and many more. 


Extra Thick Alcoholic Easter Egg

This extra thick Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat is split into two heavenly-tasting sides. If you’re a fan of both milk and dark chocolate you’re in luck, with one half made up of 70% dark chocolate and the other, a creamy 40% milk chocolate blend. Once cracked open, you’ll be treated to a selection of alcoholic individual chocolates, including rum, champagne and gin truffles. 


Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg 

We know what you’re thinking, another champagne truffle Easter egg - but we promise this one is worth your attention. The ombre, blush pink design is enough to make us weak at the knees, but the thick cut shell and alcohol-filled truffles inside, really take it to the next level. 


Prosecco Bubbles Easter Egg

This creamy milk chocolate egg is covered with popping candy to provide an exciting sensation with every bite. For an extra surprise, prosecco spheres can be found inside, making this the perfect Easter gift for anyone who enjoys a bit of fizz. 


Strawberry Bellini Egg

This vibrant white chocolate egg is jewelled with freeze-dried strawberries to give it a beautifully rich flavour and colour. Crack it open to reveal the hidden treat, a bag of sumptuous strawberry bellini fudge complete with popping-candy fizz.


Images: Courtesy of brands, Getty


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