From baked brie to burrata baguette, the 20 most mouthwatering cheese recipes

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A wise woman once said, "Oozing brie, gooey camembert and spoonfuls of melted gruyere are the very essence of life". 

OK, she might not have actually said that but there's little doubt that good cheese makes the world go round. Indeed, our lives would be a very sad place without a gloopy mouthful of Vacherin to keep us going now and again.

In celebration of all things fromage, we've put together a selection of the most mouthwatering and indulgent cheese creations out there right now.

So come loosen the top button of your jeans as you take a look through these insanely moreish recipes, from crusty bread rolls filled with melted Jarlsberg to light, crumbly Mozzarella empanadas and a sourdough baguette heaped with creamy burrata.


  • Fontina and mozzarella grilled cheese sandwich

    The king of grilled cheese sandwiches, this recipe delivers a double whammy of creamy fontina and melted mozzarella. We want. 

    Find a recipe here (via


  • Fontina cheese fondue with crusty French baguette

    Whoever invented fondue deserves a prize for services to humanity. This skillet-based recipe is the stuff of dreams.

    Find a recipe here (via 

    Image: pictureperfectmeals/Pinterest

  • Baked brie with blackcurrant cider and almonds

    Is there any finer prospect in life than gooey baked brie? Add in figs, pomegranate and almonds (along with a dash of blackcurrant cider) and culinary satisfaction is yours forever more. 

    Find a recipe here (via 

    Image: thekrookedspoon/Pinterest

  • Spinach and brie crepes with sweet honey sauce

    Someone please rustle us up a batch of these wholewheat crepes filled with brie and parmesan cheese. They look irresistibly good. 

    Find a recipe here (via 

    Image: friendsmodesblogspot/Pinterest

  • Melted Jarlsberg dinner roll

    If there's anything greater in life than a freshly baked roll, it's a freshly baked roll filled with melted Jarlsberg cheese. Form an orderly queue now. 

    Find a recipe here (via 


  • Mozzarella and gruyere mac and cheese

    The most decadent of all mac and cheese dishes, this frankly brilliant offering comes with gruyere, mozzarella and whole black truffles. 

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    Image: butterandbrioche/Pinterest

  • Burrata cheese and meatball baguette

    So this is a sourdough baguette filled with beef meatballs containing burrata cheese. Once the baguette is baked, the burrata melts and seeps out all over the place. We need one in our lives.

    Find a recipe here (via 

    Image: halfbakedharvest/Pinterest

  • Deep fried camembert

    When breadcrumbs meet camembert, wonderful things occur. These deep-fried bites are quite literally melt-in-the-mouth. 

    Find the recipe here (via

    Image: all4women/Pinterest

  • Smoked gouda and mushroom quesadillas

    Gouda gets a spicy Mexican kick with a dollop of sour cream and parsley on he side. What more could a girl ask for?

    Find the recipe here (via 

    Image: pinchofyum/Pinterest

  • Mozzarella empanadas

    Melted mozzarella contained in crumbly, flaky, deliciously light empanada pastels. It's the kind of snack you could feast on all night long.

    Find a recipe here (via


  • Emmenthal and honey baked ham waffles

    Anyone for an emmenthal waffle sandwich? Made with honey baked ham, egg and raspberry jam, it is THE biggest guilty pleasure creation you will ever have the joy of eating.

    Find a recipe here (via 


  • Mozzarella bubble biscuits

    Sprinkle these gloopy mozzarella bubble biscuits with shavings of parmesan and garlic-infused tomato sauce for the perfect party-pleasing treat.

    Find the recipe here (via 

    Image: fivehearthome/Pinterest

  • Homemade gorgonzola pizza with caramelised apple

    Creamy gorgonzola, rosemary, caramelized apples, and a touch of sweet honey makeith one of the finest pizzas you'll ever crunch into. 

    Find the recipe here (via

    Image: sallysballyaddiction/Pinterest

  • Grilled cheddar cheese and jalapeno toastie

    This zesty toastie is crammed with mascarpone cheese and aged cheddar to take the edge off the jalapenos. We'll have three to go!

    Find a recipe here (via

    Image: jocooks/Pinterest

  • Cheddar cheese-stuffed flatbread

    There's something really rather wonderful about cheddar cheese-stuffed flatbread. Throw in a few spring onions and you have yourself a light version of a cheese and onion pasty.

    Find the recipe here (via 

    Image: amuseyourbouche/Pinterest

  • Blue cheese souffle

    Cheese souffle is notoriously difficult to make but these bad boys - made using roquefort and parmeasan cheese - look pretty damn fine to us.

    Find a recipe here (via 

    Image: limeincoconut/Pinterest

  • Manchego cheese bread

    A crispy crust with a chewy, cheesy centre made from the Spanish delight that is Manchego. YUM.

    Find the recipe here (via 

    Image: siriouslydelicious/Pinterest

  • Roasted tomato and manchego clafoutis

    A savoury cheese version of the classic French dessert clafoutis is an ingenious idea. We can't think of anything more soothingly delicious to the palette. 

    Find the recipe here via 

    Image: the parsleythief/Pinterest

  • Honey cupcakes with mascarpone frosting

    It was only a matter of time before a cupcake recipe cropped up. We could eat creamy mascarpone all day long, so this sweet treat makes us very happy indeed.

    Find the recipe here (via 

    Image: stylemepretty/Pinterest

  • Walnut, Honey and Chèvre Crostini

    These bize-sized beauties are heaped with Chèvre goat's cheese, walnuts, olive oil and honey. Is it just us or could you almost eat them off the page?

    Find the recipe here (via

    Image: surburbangourmand/Pinterest

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