Amazing coffee art: from film icons to animals illustrated in lattes

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What do you see in your morning coffee? "Coffee" would be our plain answer. But for some baristas in the world, the steamed milk surface of a latte or cappuccino is a canvas for intricate patterns and even portraits. In celebration of International Coffee Day (29 September) we've rounded up 20 of the most impressive examples of latte art.

From film characters with excruciating detail (you have to see Edward Scissorhands) to adorable animals (such as the cat leaping from its mug into a mug of 'swimming fish'), prepare to be amazed. Warning: this may leave you forever disappointed with your coffee order.

  • Snoopy

    The beloved cartoon dog takes a snooze in a coffee mug in another creation by Japanese coffee artist Nowtoo.

    Image: Instagram

  • Khaleesi

    "Game of Foams" by Michael Breach, a self proclaimed coffee artist.

    Image: Instagram

  • E.T

    Kazuki Yamamoto's latte creations at Japan's Osaka cafe 10g have made him an Internet sensation with 144,000 followers on Twitter, where he frequently posts pictures of his illustrations of characters, actors, musicians and landscapes on coffees.

    Image: Twitter

  • Cat and fish

    Barista Kazuki Yamamoto perfected his technique of making 3D latte art with this creation, where a foam cat aims to leap over to the next mug filled with swimming foam fish.

    Image: Twitter

  • Moomintroll and Snufkin

    The work of The Moomins illustrator, Tove Jansson, recreated in a coffee cup by Japanese coffee enthusiast Nowtoo Sugi.

    Image: Twitter

  • Pizza

    New York food blogger Skyler Bouchard loves coffee so much she decided to get her second love, pepperoni pizza, drawn on it.

    Image: Instagram

  • Horse

    This Instagram user's Costa latte was served with the profile of a beautiful horse.

    Image: Instagram

  • Doctor Who Tardis

    Back in 2012, Doctor Who fans went crazy over this time machine door created out of froth and bubbles.

    Image: Facebook

  • Marilyn Monroe

    Going by the name, troskx, this coffee aficionado drinks around 4-5 cups of cappuccino every day with his wife and paints his favourite fictional characters as well as icons like Miss Monroe.

    Image: deviantart

  • Walter White

    He's also made his own toast to the hit TV show Breaking Bad.


  • Edward Scissorhands

    "The light concealing cream goes on first. Then you blend, and blend, and blend. Blending is the secret," says barista artist Michael Breach.

    Image: Instagram

  • Salvador Dali clock

    Iconic art is recreated on coffee cups by @george_10g on Twitter.

    Image: Twitter

  • Swans

    Viki Irama Rahardja is a nuclear engineer who loves to pour latte art in his spare time. He's particularly great at drawing birds.

    Images: Twitter

  • Wold of Wall Street

    2014's Best Film Oscar nominees were captured in froth by American coffee artist Michael Breach for Illycaffè.

    Image: Stocklogo

  • Dog

    Greek latte art Champion Perrys Karavas made this adorable dog for his daughter.

    Image: Flickr

  • Ganesh

    A yoga company in Russia shared this image of the Hindu elephant god illustrated in coffee.


  • Eiffel Tower

    Other baristas use travel as inspiration, marking their favourite destinations in coffee.

    Image: Pinterest

  • Fireworks

    Another delicate creation from Tsuyoshi Osako


  • Treet trunk

    A barista on Instagram creates such detailed swirls in milk froth, they mimic rings in wood.

    Image: Instagram

  • Bear

    Almost 200,000 Instagram users follow a coffee shop in Tel Aviv, Israel, to watch morning coffees be decorated with adorable animals.

    Image: Instagram

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