Intricate avocado art is taking over the internet

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Amy Swales
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Avocados have been on course for world domination for some time. Busting out of their allocated brunch spot to hold our coffee, they’re now turning on us in ways both inventive and violent.  

And they’re even making a foray into the art world with intricate carvings and inventive presentations – complete with #avocadoart hashtag of course (avos are nothing if not social media friendly).

One particular artist making waves is Danielle Barresi, an Italian carver in Australia who specialises in elaborate designs etched onto fruit and veg.

Barresi, 26, wrote on that he started carving at the age of seven and that his creations can take as little as an hour to produce: “When I touch my knife, my mind gives up to the heart and it transmits directly, to the hands, giving different forms to the decorations. It’s like magic.”

His avocado started gaining traction online via his own Instagram page and that of The Avocado Show – which, as we reported in January, is a newly opened restaurant in Amsterdam devoted solely to everyone’s favourite brunch.

The restaurant has been showcasing various other artistic avocado serves, such as ‘pixelated’:

More impressive carving:

What appears to be an avo-burger:

And something of a tiny garden landscape:

Avocado perfection ✨??? (by @fooddeco)

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While there’s plenty more to be found under the #avocadoart Instagram hashtag (including extremely cute carvings in the actual avocado stone), Barresi doesn’t just stick to avos – he’s been winning awards for his fruit and veg carvings for years, and his work encompasses many mediums.

Such as melons, for instance:

White radish:


And even soap (no, not fruit or veg, we know):

Now that it turns out that millennials’ trumpeted love of avo toast probably isn’t having an effect on house-buying ability (well, no), are you inspired to start fiddling with your brunch?

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