This is an avocado filled with coffee because the avolatte is upon us

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We’re all for upcycling ingredients that would otherwise have been discarded – if a bar can use a squeezed lemon for an infused syrup rather than chucking it after just one cocktail, that’s fine by us.

However, even the most eco-minded might find empty avocado skins tricky to reuse. No matter, a solution has been conjured from the depths of the internet: avolattes.

Not a caffeine-based smoothie using the creamy flesh, but a coffee poured into an avocado skin. A not-entirely-hollowed-out avocado skin.

The Truman Café in Melbourne, Australia, posted a video on its Instagram account last week, and videographer Angelo Katsaros also filmed one being made.

His video was picked up by foodie Instagram account @lickyourphone, which propelled it into viral stardom, clocking up more than 100,000 views and setting off a slew of comment across social media.

It’s unclear whether the invention was a joke, either nodding at people’s perceptions of hipsters and caffeine nerdery, or perhaps in response to the millionaire businessman who said millennials’ home ownership problems are probably down to their insistence on eating avocado toast and drinking expensive coffee.

But the café’s head barista Jaydin Nathan told Australian Associated Press people have been asking for it and the team sold four on Monday (22 May) for the same price as a regular coffee: “Maybe some people thought it was meant to be a joke but food is meant to be fun, food is meant to be art.”

He added that he hoped the invention took off as it would help his own chances of getting on the property ladder: “If some people want to give some of their hard-earned cash away to help me with a deposit on a house, that would be great!”

Opinion has been divided thus far (personally, if the skins were originally destined for the bin, we’re a bit concerned at how much avocado they’re wasting), but an #avolatte Insta search reveals a Hertfordshire café has already been trying the trend on UK shores.

A bad millennial joke or a stumbled-upon soon-to-be classic? You have the power…


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Amy Swales

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