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Quentin Blake, Rob Ryan and Vivienne Westwood have all designed Stylist's front cover, and now you have baked it!

A total of 287 readers whipped up their most creative designs to a brief that asked for one thing: "things that make you happy".

Here are the shortlisted entries, as judged by Peggy Porschen, founder of, Alix Walker, associate editor of Stylist, John Whaite, winner of Great British Bake Off 2013, and Lily Vanilli from

Click on an image to launch the gallery and find out what inspired each edible design.

  • Bianca Lloyd

    “I decided to bake a stack of suitcases to represent the concept of holidays. Going on holiday makes me happy and I am pretty sure it makes everyone else happy, too. This was my first attempt at baking and decorating a novelty cake - I had lots of fun.”

  • Clare Zerny

    “My entry is inspired by Mr Whippy, made with the parts of a rhubarb meringue pie. The cone is made from sweet pastry, filled with curd and two-tone Italian meringue piped on top. The nails are decorated with Hundreds and Thousands as they always send me on a nostalgic childhood trip and the background represents blue skies, which for me are synonymous with a Mr Whippy, summertime and happiness.”

  • Connie Viney

    “Music is definitely the thing that makes me happy so I made chocolate and vanilla disco ball cupcakes that have a musical note in the middle.”

  • Daisy Brydon

    “Afternoon tea makes me happy because tea makes everything better. Tea-time was always a big thing in my house growing up, so it reminds me of my childhood sitting down to have tea, biscuits and cake. Now I love nothing more than having a cup of tea with friends and family accompanied by my favourite cake and biscuits, and having a natter about anything and everything.”

  • Emma Collins

    “Pugs make me happy, especially ones wearing little bows or outfits! Some people think they're ugly, but I think they're so damn cute and I can't help but smile when I see one.”

  • Emma MacQueen

    “I made the house from Up because I love watching the progression from the sad bit at the start to the happy ending (I made Carl with a smile, instead of his iconic grumpy face, because the happy ending is the best bit!). The film shows the importance and strength of friendship which never fails to cheer me up.”

  • Heidi Lanschuetzer

    “Being outdoors and enjoying the sun with friends while indulging in good food and drinks makes me a very happy girl.”

  • Karen Hooi and Michelle Lim

    “There’s nothing quite like a lie-in on a weekend and being greeted by breakfast while still in bed, made by someone who cares for you. It’s one of the simplest pleasures in life. This is a take on Eggs Benedict in an indulgent dessert form. Brioche turns into a white chocolate ‘French toast’ with strawberry and lime ‘prosciutto’ slices topped with a coconut and cardamom ‘poached egg' mousse, with runny mango coulis 'yolk' oozing onto the toast. It’s finished off with vanilla crème anglaise ‘hollandaise’ sauce. It’s accompanied by a ‘cappuccino’ - ladyfinger sponge discs soaked in espresso layered with tiramisu crème, served in a white chocolate cup.”

  • Katie Watt

    “Gardening makes me happy because you begin with something small and by the end of the process you have something beautiful, whether it’s bushy carrots, sun-ripened tomatoes or sweet cucumbers. It’s not something you can rush; it will be finished when it’s finished. This is why I also like baking.”

  • The winner: Pamela Giles

    Pamela spent three nights creating an array of wholemeal biscuits and sees baking as a way to reclaim some space for herself after her daughters have gone to bed. "It’s a wonderful release from everyday stresses; I get to be relaxed, focused and creative - things that a day with children generally doesn't allow. She has been baking for as long as she can remember and says her mum is the baker she most admires, with Nigella Lawson not far behind.

  • Roberta Ponchio and Becky Lomax

    “Becky is from Brighton and I'm Italian so it goes without saying we both adore ice cream and grew up eating lots of it. The 99p flake is synonymous with childhood happiness - Becky's earliest and happiest memories involve eating the 99s she successfully begged her parents to buy her from the ice cream van. For us, baking means friendship - telling stories, laughing and experiments, moulded together to form moments of real happiness.”

  • Shaida Begum

    “Creating (and eating!) cake makes me happy. Since we usually have cake to celebrate a special occasion, I created a selection of my favourite baked goodies making a team effort to decorate a cake in preparation for a party, hence the balloon and bunting. I thought it would be fun to bring them to life with arms and legs and especially liked the idea of the fondant fancy reading Stylist and the iced bun sunbathing – all things I enjoy!”

  • Victoria Seaward

    “Happiness to me is the feeling of coming home after a long day or trip away. I iced the entire cross stitch myself.”

  • Winnie Lou

    “I baked flower cupcakes as the theme was 'things that make you happy' and flowers are certainly do that for me. Their smell reminds me of spring/summer when it is hot and they look beautiful when they bloom. Combining flowers and baking, two things I love, seemed like the perfect option.”

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