Beautiful, vegan, galactic: a new type of ice cream making waves on Instagram

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Anna Brech
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If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to send our foodie hearts soaring, it’s the prospect of a picturesque and innovative dessert.

Step up, 15-year-old teenager Jose (, who is wowing the tough-to-please Instagram crowds with her incredible ice cream innovations.

And front of the queue for “likes” and general all-round wows is her edible take on the space odyssey: 

Made from coconut milk and nectar, blueberry juice and Butterfly Pea Flower tea, these ethereal creations are as picturesque as they are ingenious.

Jose was inspired by Li-Chi Pan, a Sydney-based digital art director and committed foodie, who posted her own version of homemade galaxy ice cream lollies on Instagram last year.

To the dismay of her followers, however, she didn’t include a recipe to go with the beautiful snap.

Jose, following the path of many enterprising chefs before her, clearly decided to give it a whirl by just guessing at the ingredients. And, looking at the spectacular result, we’d say her formula is spot-on.

Of course, this isn’t the first time galactic gourmands have had their moment in the sun.

Hands up who remembers the wondrous vegan galaxy doughnuts, shared by San Francisco-based blogger Robin Means of The Vegan Dollhouse last year (below)? 

They’re pretty damn picturesque. You can make your very own version – using pearl dust and edible glitter stars, naturally - right here.

In a sense, galaxy ice cream theme dovetails with the obsession we’ve seen for food featuring a kaleidoscope of hues. 

For example, rainbow croissants; the more sophisticated sister of rainbow bagels and rainbow cheese toasties. Oh, and let’s not forget the objet d’art that is mermaid toast.

And galactic ice cream beats goth lattes any day.

Especially when you consider that Jose has extended the theme into her very own “interstellar breakfast” below; a smoothie bowl made from frozen bananas, Butterfly Pea tea, coconut milk and blueberry juice.

One word: yes. 

Images: Instagram


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