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First, they invented the wheel. Then they invented cheese.

Whether it’s blue in hue, comes from a goat, sheep or cow, or features in a starter, main or dessert, cheese – oh sweet divine cheese – is a shape-shifting sample of heaven.

In homage to the fail-safe, delicious dairy staple, we have compiled 20 of the cheesiest recipes around.

As the delicious likes of mozzarella, paneer or halloumi are just a few of the A-listers on our cheesy meal red carpet, prepare to discover sponsored_longforms that will make you salivate like Pavlov’s dog in our fromage-filled gallery.

Twists on Welsh rarebit and mac and cheese are just the beginning, friends. There’s a whole world of cheesy goodness to experience...

  • Maple syrup mac and cheese

    How can the Greatest Dish Of All Time be improved, I hear you ask? Well, by a simple dash of maple syrup, of course. Even though the simplicity of macaroni and cheese with even more cheese should never be underestimated, this saucy addition provides a sweet kick without being overwhelming. Think of the ideal partnership between eggs, pancakes and the stuff. For ultimate authenticity, add a squeeze of The Federation of Quebec’s Maple Syrup.

    Find a recipe here via We Love Maple

  • Poutine

    Is any cheesy recipe list complete without the addition of poutine? This dish, which is authentic to the Canadian district of Quebec, is a holy partnership of cheese curds, veal gravy (a veggie alternative for the omnivores), and French fries. Making a delicious, authentic version of the dish is not for the faint-hearted, but it is incredibly rewarding.

    Find a recipe here via Half Baked Harvest

  • Goat's cheese and asparagus flan

    Goat’s cheese makes for a mighty romance with carby a-listers, royal jersey potatoes, and some asparagus. Move over Great Aunt Edith – the flan is back – and it’s cheesier and more sublime than ever. 

    Find a recipe here via Jersey Royals

  • Cheesy chutney jaffle

    Jaffle, the Indian comfort food, is an amped-up version of the cheese toastie that combines pistachios, chutney and cheese in one effete setting. Add coriander and of course, some quality cheddar to set it alight.

    Find a recipe here via Anjum Anand

  • Infused chili and cumin paneer

    Fancy giving making your own cheese a go? Popular South Asian cheese paneer has a fantastic way of picking up flavours when it’s added to a dish. In the case of Anjula Devi’s recipe, she has created her own paneer infused with fresh chilli and cumin to pack the cheese with an irresistible level of flavour. 

    Find a recipe here via Anjula Devi

  • Boozy rarebit

    No cheese greatest hits collection is complete without the mention of Welsh rarebit. Bring that golden mustardy cheese substance into a new age with the inclusion of the Newport beer fineries of Tiny Rebel (ale interchangeable according to taste) for some cooking cwtch.

    Find a recipe here via Tiny Rebel 

  • Galette

    The pebble-shaped galette tart is the perfect home for cheesy decadence. I mean, who could possibly say no to a shortcrust stuffed with blue cheese, goat’s cheese, Saint Nectaire and Emmental? Topped with chives and served with a side order of pickled onions, this French classic is a certified award-winner. 

    Find a recipe here via Mamie’s

  • Cheesy hash brown casserole

    Why has it taken so long for cheesy hash browns to enter our lives? This dish, aka cheese deluxe 2.0, makes the likes of cheesy chips look like the beta version of the fromage and potato partnership. And just as the word ‘casserole’ indicates, the bigger the dish, the better the sesh. You’re welcome.

    Find a recipe here via Table For Two  

  • Camembert hedgehog bread

    There’s something truly decadent about setting an entire cheese in a loaf of hedgehog bread and then dunking the rest of the loaf in it 25 minutes later. Add a sprig of rosemary to the top of the camembert, set it in the middle of the bread and cut and sprinkle the slices around it and voila, 25 minutes later one of the tastiest cheese snacks of all time is on the table. 

    Find a recipe here via Twisted Food

  • Cheesy womelette

    God bless the waffle, the frozen potato staple of the British kitchen. Sometimes the best cheesiest recipes are all about getting back to the basics, and a womelette, a cheese, egg, bacon and avocado waffle meets omelette combo, is here to test that theory in the most delicious way possible.

    Find a recipe here via Made by Margie 

  • Halloumi and double potato chorizo bake

    There’s a new tasty triumvirate in town with halloumi, potato and chorizo joining together in a foodie force. The one-pot bake in question chars the halloumi under the light of the oven, ensuring it picks up the flavours of the Spanish sausage. 

    Find a recipe here via Crumbs Food

  • Cheesy haddock veg bake

    Cheese and fish might not initially strike as the world’s most harmonious combination, but one of the UK’s most popular fish does the partnership justice. Haddock, placed in a mozzarella bed and topped with cheddar cheese, works incredibly well in a vegetable bake, and oozes a double hit of cheesy goodness along the way. 

    Find a recipe here via Young’s 

  • Triple cheese pie

    Triple cheese pie, anyone? This irresistible bake from Betty Crocker combines the forces of cottage cheese, mozzarella and cheddar to make a dairy-induced heaven. A pie heaven.

    Find a recipe here via Betty Crocker

  • Super cheesy cauliflower cheese with walnuts and cumin

    Rejuvenate the staple that is cauliflower cheese with some toasted walnuts and cumin. Adding bay leaves, peppercorns and butter will lift the mix into dairy deluxe mode.  

    Find a recipe here via Waitrose

  • Mozzarella plated aubergine

    The purple plated aubergine is coming up roses with the addition of some mozzarella and tomatoes to make for an alternative Italian-inspired base. Season the eggplant with some mustard and balsamic vinegar for some pizzazz.  

    Find a recipe here via Tracklements

  • Cheese shots

    Okay, so this might not be a meal per se, but this is one cheesy recipe that cannot be missed. These cheddar cheese shot glasses make a new age case for your favourite vino, and can be consumed stat after yer wine is over. Serve with crackers – naturally. 

    Find a recipe here via Twisted Food

  • Camembert pizza

    The only thing wrong with Camembert is that it doesn’t feature in every meal of our lives. In this case – rather than the more controversial choices of pineapple or tinned spaghetti – the topping of the hour is the one and only French cheese, which is also be paired with the hearty Italian quintessential mozzarella.

    Find a recipe here via Le Rustique 

  • Mac and cheese toastie

    Send yourself into sweet carbicide with the mother of all toasties – the deluxe mac-and-cheese sarnie. Make that bread even more golden with an additional cheesy crust, and add some lashings of ketchup to finish.

    Find a recipe here via Primula

  • Le Gruyère AOP and tomato choux fritters

    Give choux pastry a rebirth with these Gruyère cheese-centered bites. Don’t do these pastries a disservice and feature them in your meal as a mere appetiser – make them the starter, main and dessert.

    Find a recipe here via Great British Chefs

  • Cheese stuffed burgers

    Move over, pedestrian cheeseburger – cheese-stuffed burgers have made their way to the table. Hide some Welsh rarebit-inspired cheddar in some homemade burger patties for an oozy cheesy gem upon the first bite. 

    Find a recipe here via Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

  • Seabass with cheese crust

    Tasty seabass is brought to life with a layer of sheep's cheese to send it into dairy divination. Partner with some balsamic vinegar and cherry tomatoes to bring the new infusion of surf meets sheep to life.

    Find a recipe here via Quickies


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