These are the UK’s most popular takeaway dishes, city by city

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Moya Crockett
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A quick poll of the Stylist offices reveals that everyone has a different go-to takeaway dish. Some favour a “dirty burger”, some “Indian every time”, while others state firmly that “it’s simply not a takeaway without noodles”. Another colleague feels that her favourite cuisine loses something during its journey from restaurant to living room: “I love Thai food, but when you get a pad Thai all mushed up in a box it is SO SAD.”

But while we all have our own individual food preferences, certain trends start to emerge when you look at a city or town as a whole. Takeaway delivery service Deliveroo recently revealed which dishes are most popular in which cities and towns in the UK – and the results might surprise you.

Chinese and Indian food, once the staple diet of the British takeaway connoisseur, have been ousted by trendier dishes from other parts of the world. Mexican burritos and tortillas are most popular in Bath, Belfast, Leeds and Manchester, while Japanese food is the order of the day in Birmingham, Reading and Edinburgh.

But by far the most popular Deliveroo meal is a variation on the aforementioned dirty burger. Time was that you could only get the classic American meal from McDonalds or Burger King – but now, happy eaters everywhere from Plymouth to Newcastle to Cardiff are chowing down on “premium” and “gourmet” burgers from the likes of MEATLiquor, Twisted Burger and 7Bone.

One possible explanation for the absence of classic takeaway dishes like pizza, curry and Chinese dishes on Deliveroo’s rankings is that these restaurants often already have their own private delivery services, making them less likely to use Deliveroo drivers.

But these findings also reveal where in the UK foodies are willing to pay most for the luxury of not having to cook. Birmingham’s most popular takeaway dish – chilli squid – is the most affordable, at just £4.99 a portion. Meanwhile, punters in Windsor are shelling out the most for their meal: their pad Thai will set you back almost £12.

Read on to see what food your town favours – and prepare to feel peckish…

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  • Plymouth

    Hub Burger from Hubbox.

    “A 6oz beef patty with Swiss cheese, crispy smoked bacon, Hub sauce with red onion, lettuce & tomato.” £7.95

    Image: Instagram/cupcake_georgie_

  • Bath

    Chicken Tinga Burrito from Mission Burrito

    “Chicken marinated and roasted in chipotle sauce, served shredded in tinga style in a 12” flour or wholewheat tortilla filled with rice, your choice of beans, fillings, salsas and extras.” £5.95

    Image: Instagram/tashakang95

  • Bristol

    6oz Prime Beef Burger from The Burger Joint

    “Prime beef in a lightly toasted Ciabatta, glazed brioche or gluten free bun with lettuce, red onions, sliced tomato and gherkins.” £8.50

    Image: Deliveroo

  • Southampton

    Prince Charles is Overrated burger from 7Bone

    “Aged beef patty, bacon, cheese, shredded iceberg, pickles, dirty spread.” £7

    Image: Instagram/7boneburgerco

  • Brighton and London

    The Dead Hippie burger from MEATLiquor

    “2x French’s Mustard-fried beef patties, Dead Hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, minced white onions.” £9.75

    Image: Instagram/meatgram

  • Reading

    Chicken Japan Katsu Curry from Coconut Bar and Kitchen

    “Served with a rich and delicious Japanese curry sauce. With jasmine rice and mixed salad on the side.” £10.50

    Image: Instagram/coconutbarkitchen

  • Windsor

    Pad Thai from Thai Square

    “A popular Thai noodle dish of Chanburi rice noodles, stir fried with prawns, peanuts, bean curd, bean sprouts and egg.” £11.95

    Image: Instagram/lanahsince1976

  • Cheltenham

    Cod from Simpson’s of Cheltenham

    Just cod and chips, basically. £9

    Image: Instagram/baking_beckyn

  • Cambridge

    Byron Burger from Byron Burger

    “Dry cure bacon, mature Cheddar, shredded iceberg, tomato, red onion and Byron sauce.” £10.50

    Image: Instagram/zeleonard

  • Birmingham

    Chilli Squid from Yakinori

    “Crispy fried squid made with light tempura and shichimi chilli. Served with fresh chilli coriander sauce.” £4.99

    Image: Instagram/rosiesarered7

  • Liverpool

    Awesome Frickin Chicken from Almost Famous

    “Crispy buttermilk fried chicken, iceberg lettuce, mayo, trailer trash onions, peppercorn sauce.” £8.50

    Image: Instagram/just.kels_

  • Sheffield

    Pig Daddy Kane burger from Twisted Burger

    “Double beef patty, pulled pork, American cheese, Dead Twisted BBQ sauce, chorizo and apple jam.” £8.25

    Image: Instagram/jobee29

  • Leeds and Manchester

    Chargrilled Chicken Tortilla Burrito from Barburrito

    “Tortilla filled with chargrilled chicken, rice, beans, onions and peppers, salsa and cheese or sour cream.” £6.50

    Image: Instagram/barburritouk


  • Newcastle

    Fat Hippo burger from The Fat Hippo

    “Double 4oz patty, topped with streaky bacon, chorizo, cheese, onion rings and Fat Hippo sauce.” £10.90

    Image: Instagram/scarletsmum

  • Glasgow

    Cheese + Bacon Burger from BRGR

    “Cos lettuce, cider onion, BRGR sauce, pickle, cheese, hot sauce and jalapenos.” £10.45

    Image: Instagram/kicksthesedayz

  • Edinburgh

    Steamed Chicken Gyoza from Wagamama

    “Five tasty steamed chicken dumplings, served grilled and with a dipping sauce.” £5.95

    Image: Instagram/wagamama_uk

  • Cardiff

    John Wayne burger from The Grazing Shed

    “Cheddar, smoky bacon, BBQ sauce, cajun mayo, red onion confit, ketchup, lettuce.” £8.95

    Image: Instagram/yes__chef__

  • Belfast

    Burrito Bowl from Boojum

    “Take all the ingredients that go into a burrito/fajita and mix them up in a bowl without the tortilla.” £5.10

    Image: Instagram/laurentelford96