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8 of the best vegan and veggie-friendly meal subscription services to have delivered to your door

We all miss eating out but there are loads of options out there if you still want super tasty meals at home. We’ve done our homework and sussed out eight meal delivery services that deliver in every sense of the word. 

One of the greatest pleasures we’ve missed out on over the last year in lockdown has got to be eating out, whether it’s a satisfying Sunday lunch with the family or a fancy meal with a friend. 

Not only have restrictions turned our favourite restaurants into no-go zones, but with so much time at home, it almost feels as though mealtimes are just another activity we use to punctuate the seemingly never-ending days – they’re no longer times to sit down and savour.

But that doesn’t spell the end of culinary treats, with no cooking required.

When you’re bored of rotating the same go-to meals and viral Tiktok recipes no longer spark joy, you could splurge on a subscription to a top meal delivery service and get good food direct to your door. 

Here, we’ve curated a list of eight services we use and rate so all you have to do is order, heat, and eat.

  • Natural Fitness Food

    Designed to keep those who exercise well fuelled, the options at Natural Fitness Food are bursting with protein and carbs. That doesn’t mean flavour is an afterthought. In their meal plans you’ll find ginger and chilli-marinated tofu with crunchy peanut rice and a silky miso sauce, or peri peri spiced halloumi with crunchy slaw and paprika yoghurt. Watch out for their delicious vegan snacks too, including the creamy high-protein twist on a Snickers. 


    From £20 a day for two main meals and two snacks, breakfasts or shakes.

  • The Detox Kitchen

    Much like their in-house offerings, The Detox Kitchen’s home delivery meals are wholesome and super tasty. The vegan meal plan is available in two options: the vegan cleanse and the vegan maintain (and neither containing wheat, dairy or refined sugar). But with hearty dishes like the sweet potato enchilada and panang curry, there’s little chance of you feeling like you are missing out. 

    The menu changes on a weekly basis, and each day consists of a juice, three meals, one snack, an after-dinner pudding – and an evening drink on the vegan maintain plan.


    There’s a minimum three-day order.

    Vegan cleanse: £31.45 to £37 per day

    Vegan maintain: £34 to £40 per day

  • allplants

    If you are running low on food inspiration, then allplants meal delivery service offers more than 30 vegan meal options to remedy that.  

    Vegans (or sometimes vegans) nationwide can look forward to deliveries of pre-cooked, frozen meals that are designed to ‘heat and eat’ in minutes. And most importantly they taste very good. Options range from a rigatoni carbonara to vegan cottage pie, and you can specify your dietary requirements, spice level, and even if you want meals that work best in the oven or, as Nigella would say, the micro-wavé. 


    £40.50 for 6 meals (designed for one person)

    £59.88 for 12 meals (designed for two people)

  • PEP Kitchen

    The PEP Kitchen offers chef-made dishes that are designed to “revolutionise the ready meal,” and they do just that from their thoughtful meal bundles to their carbon neutral delivery service.

    Their meal bundles include standouts such as the New Parent Meal Bundle (pre-portioned with zero cooking required) and the Work From Home bundle (five meals, five drinks, and six oven-ready cookies that you can pretend you baked from scratch yourself).


    There’s a £30 minimum order. The lowest bundle starts from £15 while the top tier bundles are priced at £70.

  • byRuby

    ByRuby offers meal deliveries for every type of eater from gluten-free to vegetarian. The tasty meals are available in portions for one or two people. The gourmet meal options include hearty meals such as a cauliflower korma, miso ramen with rice noodles and tofu and comforting macaroni cheese. 

    Aside from the delicious meals, byRuby is seriously dedicated to sustainable packaging. Their meals are delivered in wool-lined boxes that are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. According to the website, you can even use the wool to: “stuff cushions, make homemade draught excluders or enrich your soil” or send them back to make sure they don’t end up in the bin. Bonus points for the really gorgeous packaging which makes this feel like a real treat. 


    Meals range from £6.50 to £12 for double portion and bundles range from the £29 mark to £60+. 

  • The Cook Kitchen

    The Cook Kitchen prepares seriously tasty meal bundles that consist of eight meals for one, or seven meals for two people. The joy of Cook Kitchen is sheer variety. There are thoughtful care boxes (for new parents etc), boxes for couples and clever kits for entertaining, for students, healthy options, kids menus – it’s a pretty extensive offering. And with meals like shakshuka, moussaka, lasagne and pies, it’s pretty tasty too. 

    Note: the company doesn’t have separate areas to prepare vegan and non-vegan meals, so maybe a better option for less-strict vegans.


    £35.75 for 8 meals (for one person), £56.50 for 7 meals (for two people). 

  • Planty UK

    Planty UK’s nutritionist-approved meals are available to be ordered in bundles of either six, eight, or 10 depending on your needs. You can either buy a one-off bundle or join the subscription service – which you can cancel or amend at any time.

    Simply select the number of meals you want in your box, choose from the dishes available (like not-a-chicken tikka masala, mac ‘no’ cheese and red Thai sweet potato curry) and scratch cooking off the list. 


    Box of six: £6.70 per meal when you subscribe and £7.60 per meal when you buy a one-off box (boxes of eight and 10 also available)

  • Comfort and Joy by Jikoni

    Popular London eaterie Jikoni launched a meal delivery arm in June of 2020 called Comfort and Joy by Jikoni. The service offers “globally-inspired” dishes including the Zen box (Asian fusion cuisine), the Farang box (Thai cuisine), the Punjabi box (North Indian cuisine), the Desi box (Gujurati cuisine), and the Rafiki box (East-African Indian cuisine). A box for one contains two seasonal mains and two sides.

    For each meal box bought, the restaurant provides a warm meal to a vulnerable person living on the streets of London. Although the meals (which come in 100% biodegradable boxes) are only available within a 10-mile radius of the restaurant’s Marylebone address, nationwide delivery will soon be available.


    £22 for a box for one, £40 for a box for two.

  • The Good Prep

    If you’ve caught the workout-from-home bug and lockdown’s turned you into a budding athlete with specific macro goals to hit, The Good Prep is just the service for you. They prep the meals so you can refuel with zero effort.

    You can either build a custom plan or buy one of the ready made meal bundles to be enjoyed over a five-day period. The five-day power & plant vegan bundle comes with three meals a day, and up to five snacks to last the week.


    £49 for a two-day taster, £120 for a five-day power and plants plan.

Main image courtesy of allplants 

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