Set your culinary skills on fire with these authentic Indian cookery classes

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Even as adults, that back-to-school September feeling is incredibly powerful. So throughout this month, we’re running the Stylist September Shake-Up – a series offering encouragement, advice and inspiration for everyone wanting to reinvigorate their lives as autumn begins.

Have you got yourself into a dinner time funk? Always relying on the same fail-safe dishes, finding yourself whipping up pasta night after night? Yeah, we feel you.

So why not break out of your comfort food comfort zone and try your hand at a new style of cooking? And, if your meal times have been lacking a certain something, there’s surely no better cuisine to turn to for a kick of flavour than Indian. 

Here, we’ve found some of the most authentic Northern and Southern Indian cookery classes around the UK, all of which are taught in the comfort of the teacher’s home for that truly homemade experience. 

From the mother and daughter team that are dedicated to passing on the knowledge their family has held for years, to the food writer, food historian and chef who has trialled her recipes around the world, you really can’t go wrong with any of these introductions to Indian cuisine. 

The Spice Club in Manchester 

Best Indian cookery classes in the UK
Best Indian cookery classes in the UK

The Spice Club is a charming, family-run supper club that serves up authentic Indian fare to guests who come along to their dining events. But, after receiving so many compliments on their food and continual questions about how to recreate it, the mother and daughter team decided to put on cookery classes too.

Their classes invite those with a hunger to know more about Indian cooking into the (literal) home of The Spice Club for an intimate how-to on specific dishes. Monica and Anita promise to divulge the well-guarded secrets that have been handed down through generations, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook wanting to venture deeper into Indian cuisine, these classes provide everything from the ingredients to the instruction.

Classes cover recipes such as dal roti, tandoori and vegan street food all priced at £65. You can see what’s coming up here

Indian Cook School in Perth 

Best Indian cookery classes in the UK
Best Indian cookery classes in the UK

Praveen and Swarna are a couple with a strong uniting passion: food. The pair grew up helping to prepare meals and learning about the flavours and ingredients used by their families in South India and to this day they import the spices they need to create authentic Indian food from their family farms back home.

Not only do they own a restaurant in Perth, which is the only Indian eatery to have received rosette recognition, but they run regular cookery classes (between 3-4 a month) out of their home. All levels of expertise are welcomed, so no need to worry if you’re a beginner: you’ll be given the expertise to make a variety of dishes to give you an overview of Indian cuisine. 

Each class is £99.95 and teaches you how to make 10 dishes, from Vegetable Pakora to Tandoori Salmon.

Sweet Cumin in Somerset 

Best Indian cookery classes in the UK
Best Indian cookery classes in the UK

Binixa (Bini) Ludlow grew up in Bradford and learned traditional Gujarati cooking from her mother and aunties at the tender age of eight, before taking over the running of the family kitchen at just 13. Although she grew up in West Yorkshire, she traveled to India in 2005 to live and work, and of course, compare her Bradford-born cooking skills with her family’s authentic techniques. 

After teaching cooking in schools and entertaining friends with her dishes for years, Bini set up her own half and full day cookery classes from her country home in Somerset. Each class is no bigger than four people to ensure each student gets one to one training, and all levels of expertise are welcome. 

Bini’s classes cover a range of recipes and overviews of South Indian cuisine. Full day classes are priced at £165 and half day classes are £85, offering an amalgamation of dishes and techniques. 

Cooking with Monisha in London 

Best Indian cookery classes in the UK
Best Indian cookery classes in the UK

Monisha Bharadwaj is not only an award winning author, food historian and food writer but she’s also a master of the kitchen, having perfected her culinary skills at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition in Mumbai. In 2004 she started her own cookery school to not only teach those with little knowledge of Indian food, but experienced chefs wanting learn more about her authentic techniques. 

Each class starts with a trip to Monisha’s local Indian shop to look at the different ingredients and flavours she typically uses, before heading back to her home where the class will begin. Both full and half day classes are available, each giving an overview of a particular part of Indian cooking, whether that be specifically vegan or vegetarian food, seafood or biryani. 

Full day classes start at 10.30am and are priced at £145, while half day classes start times vary with each one priced at £85. 

Pure Punjabi in New Forest 

Best Indian cookery classes in the UK
Best Indian cookery classes in the UK

Surinder and Safia are a mother and daughter team who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge of North Indian cuisine with all those who attend their school. 

Each class will school participants in how to cook a home-made, three course meal using traditional Punjabi cookery methods and ingredients. Surinder and Safia only teach their classes in groups of up to six, to make sure everyone gets their fare share of help and attention. These classes specifically concentrate on truly authentic, healthy North Indian food and not British-Indian cuisine.

Their Indian Experience Cookery Workshop is a full day class and includes a range of recipes, priced at £175

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