The best vegan food trucks serving up delicious street food in the UK

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If you thought vegan junk food was an impossible dream, think again. These meatless food trucks will show you what plant-based food is really made of. 

From eco-anxiety for the future of our planet to health scares, people are looking more and more at cutting down their meat and dairy consumption. Why? Because looking at a plant-base lifestyle could be the solution for quite a few of our problems – the population and the planet health being only two of them.

If we are now used to see an enormous amount of incredible vegan restaurants popping up everywhere in London, the rest of the country is following and Britain is becoming a great example of how we can consume food (and a lot of it) in a more sustainable way. 

Around every corner of the capital, we can find mouth-watering vegan burgers, elaborate vegan afternoon teas and even vegan kebabs. London might be the British Mecca of vegan food, but delicious and indulgent plant-based alternatives are appearing all over the country. 

Fancy restaurants are great but sometime you just need a juicy burger on the go: these are’s favourite vegan food trucks in the UK. 

  • Sly Fox Food, Edinburgh

    Scottish traditional food is not exactly vegan, but cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh are pioneers when it comes to plant-based alternatives. 

    If you are planning a weekend away in Edinburgh, keep an eye out for the Sly Fox food truck. Delicacies include slow-cooked Czech style Goulash, spinach, mushroom and cheese pastries, and beautifully presented cheesecakes. 

  • EpicVeg Kitchen, Somerset

    If you are based in Somerset, EpicVeg Kitchen is your go to for decadent vegan food.

    This food truck specialises in delicious burgers made of bbq pulled jackfruit, seitan or bean patties and topped up with coconut bacon and cashew cheese sauce. If you spot a pastel blue converted vintage horse trailer, you are in for a treat. 

  • Feral Food Store, Leeds

    This food truck based in Leeds takes vegan junk food to another level. 

    Taking inspiration from cuisines across the globe, they serve Buffalo smoked tofu wings, Korean fried cauliflower balls and Southern fried strips. Incredibly decadent and definitely worth the calories. 

  • Earthlings Street Food, Brighton

    Going to Brighton and not being able to have a heart-warming fish and chips would be outrageous. 

    Known for their deep-fried tofu and chips, the Earthlings Street Food food truck makes sure the meat-free residents of Brighton aren’t missing out on the seaside classic.

  • The Otto-Men, Manchester

    Falafel and hummus is a classic ‘accidentally’ vegan meal and this ottoman meets mediterranean inspired food truck definitely does it justice.

    Based in Manchester, the Otto-Men have a great variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes including Mediterranean mezze, Turkish wraps and filo pastries.

  • Greedy Khao, London

    This colourful food truck serves incredible vegan food to Londoners with Thai food cravings.  

    Serving classic Thai recipes with a vegan twist, Greedy Khao’s vibrant Pad Thai, Khao Soi and Red Curries are packed with flavour. 

  • Happy Maki, Brighton

    Sushi might be one of the most difficult treats to give up when going vegan. Brighton residents don’t have this problem anymore.

    Specialising in Sushi Burritos, the Happy Maki also makes a killer popcorn cauliflower. The bonus? For every wrap sold a small amount of the profit is donated to a charity. Their creative burritos can be found at UK festivals and have a permanent shop in Brighton.

  • The Green Grill, London

    What screams decadent comfort food more than burgers and hot-dogs? 

    For the vegans who crave junk food, this food truck offers a broad selection of burgers and hot dogs that are served in surprisingly colourful buns. Don’t forget to ask for a side of nachos or mac and cheese to make it even more indulgent. 

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