These types of cheese have just made it to superfood status

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It’s long been rumoured that cheese could be a lot better for us than we originally thought, but a new study has found that this savoury snack could now even be considered a superfood.

That’s right; what had previously been thought of as a deliciously naughty treat, could now be given a green light as officially good for us.

The research, which looks at the probiotics found in different cheeses, claims that healthy bacteria can be found in abundance in Swiss cheeses such as Emmental and Gruyère.

Probiotics, aka live bacteria, are known for having a positive effect on our digestive systems, can reduce inflammation and boost immunity. You see, despite the word ‘bacteria’ often holding negative connotations, we actually need the good kind in our bodies to keep, in particular, our gut healthy and working properly.

Apparently, this is enough to welcome both Emmental and Gruyère into the superfood hall of fame, joining other foods such as blueberries, kale and broccoli.


Researchers tested the positive effects of the probiotics in the aforementioned cheeses on roundworms and found that their lifespans were extended, stress levels lowered and immune systems improved. Sure, you could argue that roundworms and humans are not exactly alike, but researchers reckon that the results would be similar across the board.

In short, let’s all go and eat grilled cheese sandwiches for longer, less stressful lives.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been alerted to the positive effects of our favourite dairy snack, and to be honest, we’re grateful of any evidence that supports us consuming as many cheese boards as possible. In light of this, here’s five reasons why cheese is good for you.

It speeds up your metabolism

This will blow your mind. Cheese, which is known for its high fat content and delicious but naughty nature, actually speeds up your metabolism. A study by Iwona Rudkowska, a researcher at the CHU de Quebec Research Centre, found that cheese contains high levels of butyric acid which is a compound that can help your body burn energy and protect against diabetes.

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It’s a great source of protein

Protein is an essential food group that should be part of our everyday diet. Traditionally people turn to eggs or meats for their source of protein, which helps the body build and repair tissues as well as build muscles, bones and skin. But cheese is also packed full of the stuff, with eight grams of protein per serving.


It keeps our immune system strong

Antioxidants are another wondrous quality that can be found within our favourite cracker accompaniment. Cheese contains a lovely little acid called conjugated linoleic (CLA) which helps protect our bodies against viruses and flu.

It provides us with calcium

This one’s a no-brainer. Dairy of course contains lots of calcium, and cheese in particular does a great job of looking after our bones and teeth thanks to its range of B-complex vitamins.

It makes us happy

Tucking into one of our favourite foods is sure to put a smile on our faces, but cheese has been scientifically proven to boost our happiness levels because it contains a-amino acid, tryptophan, famed for its stress busting qualities.


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