Cheese tea might just be the best thing to come out of 2017

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Susan Devaney
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If there’s one thing in life that’s guaranteed to satisfy our taste buds on any given day, it’s cheese.

And if there’s one other thing us Brits love more than life itself it’s a good ol’ cuppa. So, just imagine the two coming together in perfect harmony.

Say hello to cheese tea.

Hailing from Asia, the iced beverage appears to be the latest food trend on the rise, according to Condé Nast Traveler. As of yet it hasn’t reached our shores, but as its popularity rises (it’s already spread to New York City and L.A), we think it’s pretty much a safe bet that it’s set to happen.  

Available in various flavours – from matcha, oolong jasmine and black tea – it’s then topped with an inch of whipped cheese (which looks just like cream).

Heytea, one of the main cheese purveyors in China, have personally witnessed five-hour long queues for their fromage-infused drinks. If that’s not a sign of something truly tasty (tastea?), then we don’t know what is.

“Tea culture has a long history in China already, but bitterness at the beginning when people drink it is off-putting for some younger people. We wanted to add a new flavour that young people would like,” Heytea CEO Nie Yunchen told Condé Nast Traveler.

Yunchen went on to explain the delicious secret behind his drink’s success: the cheese taste – made from actual cheese – helps to cover the bitterness of the tea.

“The rich cheese foam makes the tea taste even better,” he said. “After we launched the product, over five years ago, the younger crowd tried it and loved it. It’s still our most popular beverage.”

How does it taste? Well, we’ve yet to find out. But, judging from all of the photos and praise on Instagram, we’re going to suggest the answer is “very good indeed”.

Plus there’s the fact that cheese, from good ol’ fashioned cheddar and buttery gruyere to creamy camembert, has been proven to boost your happiness levels. So drink up.  

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