Chocolate crumpets are here to make brunch even more decadent

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From the Turbo G&T to the brightly-coloured unicorn latte, we’ve been busy scouring Instagram to bring you the most delectable and outrageous brunch recipes of all time.

However we think we’ve truly outdone ourselves this time; are you ready for chocolate crumpets?

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Of course, there is only one acceptable answer, and that answer is “hell yes, get those fluffy, chocolatey breakfast treats in my mouth – stat.”

Chocolate crumpets – aka the breakfast food of champions queens gods – are the brainchild of Knead Bakery, who are based in London’s Stoke Newington.

And, while Knead have been churning out these goodies for the best part of a year now, the trend went almost entirely unnoticed – until BBC Good Food spotted the cocoa-infused crumps in Selfridge’s food hall earlier this week.

They’re almost exactly like your everyday crumpet – think a thick, soft and spongey cake, pierced all over with teeny holes, making them the perfect vehicle for soaking up butter, marmite, honey, jam, or whatever else you fancy drizzling all over them.

Knead, however, have mixed 70% cocoa chocolate into the mixture, creating something rich, delectable, and positively indecent.

In fact, when they’re heated up in the toaster (or under the grill, if you do things properly), the crumpets go all soft and gooey inside – making for something not unlike an oozing chocolate brownie.

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You can plump for the plain old chocolate version, or opt for one of their special infused versions; Knead have created a chocolate orange crumpet, as well as a chocolate cinnamon one, too.

And, while there are plenty of ways to enjoy them, Knead suggest slathering your choccy crump in whipped maple butter, letting it melt into the porous flat cake, and gobbling it up for a truly luxe brunchtime treat.

You can get your hands on some chocolate crumpets either at Selfridge’s or at Knead’s stall in Broadway Market, Hackney.

Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can try whipping up a few of your own at home. All you have to do is follow this simple crumpet recipe, add in a few spoonfuls of dark cocoa powder, and voila! Teatime suddenly becomes the ultimate event again.

Excuse us a moment. We just have to nip to the shops…


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