Is this the most Christmassy gin ever?

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There are plenty of seasonal gins on the market, but this might just win the Christmas crown for sheer volume of festive ingredients.

You’ve tried mince pie gin. You’ve got your eye on chocolate orange gin. You’ve even considered hanging tiny bottles of gin off your Christmas tree.

Now, lovers of mother’s ruin, there’s something else to indulge in this December (or, you know, now): a Christmas gin that packs all of your favourite festive flavours into one ginny package.

And when we say ‘all’, we mean it.

Independent gin purveyor That Boutique-y Gin Company has released Yuletide Gin – a juniper drop featuring actual gold, frankincense and myrrh, among its many, many flavourings.

Are you ready? The 24 botanicals used include cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and Christmas tree needles, plus distillates made from Christmas cake, chestnuts, Christmas pudding, lebkuchen, mince pies, panettone and an entire gingerbread house.

The spirit is finished off with flakes of edible (and fabulously glittery) 24-carat gold.

Yuletide Gin might be the most festive of all the gins – and that’s saying something…

The gin retails at £34.95 (currently available here), and its creators say it’s designed to be perfect for mixing into cocktails as well as sipping on its own (or with tonic).

The official description says the nose is an initial hit of juicy Christmas pudding scents, before biscuit hints kick in, followed by amaretto, flaked almonds, cardamom, candied peel and Christmas tree.

The taste, meanwhile, is described as “plump and jammy clementine with a sprinkle of toasted spice, accompanied by a festive medley of fruity, spicy Christmas confectionery: from mince pies to buttery panettone and everything in-between.

“A definite note of Christmas tree follows, with a floral splash reminiscent of the incense of Midnight Mass.”

To finish, you’re left with candied citrus, glacé cherries, Turkish delight and toasted pine cone.

So, yes, we’ll have a bottle of that, thanks Santa.

Yuletide Gin is currently on sale at, but we’re told it will soon be available at Selfridges, Amazon, 31Dover and Hedonism Wines, too.

And for anyone sick of gin (why are you here?), don’t worry, we’ve got a festive treat for you too: whisky and vodka Christmas tree baubles

We wish you a (responsibly) boozy Christmas…

Images: That Boutique-y Gin Company

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