Coffee ice could solve all of your diluted caffeine issues

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Amy Swales
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How much of a coffee fiend are you? Are you a double shotter, even triple? Do you need it on the way to work, never mind once you’re there? Have you ever bought a milk frother from Groupon?

People like you (read: us) who pretty much need coffee to function on the most basic level are usually the kind of people who’d consider swerving an iced version on the hottest of days. And that’s because of the ice itself. Great at cooling you down, but unfortunately also great at watering down your favourite life-giving beverage.

However, as we creep into summer, this is the news you’ve been waiting for: Starbucks is trialling coffee ice. As in, ice made from coffee so not one drop of your caffeine fix is diluted.

And so, as it melts, the flavour of your favourite upper remains smooth and strong.

Genius in its simplicity.

(Yes, we know melted water in a coffee doesn’t actually reduce the amount of coffee, but it tastes weaker and we don’t like it, OK?)

If you think about it, coffee ice is not just good news for your cold coffee; it could be added to any cold drink for a nice fidgety edge to your summer sip.

At the moment, it’s reportedly being offered in just 100 stores in the US for a small extra charge, but presumably Starbucks will notice the hype and get it over here, stat. Well, we wouldn’t want to be the ones telling a horde of wide-eyed hand-wringing caffeine addicts it isn’t coming…

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