Colin the Caterpillar has been given a drastic Halloween makeover

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Marks & Spencer’s beloved Colin the Caterpillar cake – guest of honour at children’s birthday parties and office leaving dos since, ooh, the beginning of time – has been given a spooky makeover, just in time for Halloween.

And, yes, we’re weirdly excited about this.

For years, we’ve lamented the fact that Colin is just too cute for our annual 31 October party. His little white booties and innocent smile just don’t scream Halloween, quite frankly – and don’t even get us started on the cutesy coloured smarties all over his back. If only, we would moan, if only there was a dark, dark version of our favourite cartoon chocolate cake.

Thank goodness, then, that M&S has heard our plaintive cries. And the people in the cake-making labs (they probably exist) have responded by popping their most famous cake in his very own Halloween costume.

Check it out:

Colin the Caterpillar has a spooky new look
Colin the Caterpillar has a spooky new look

This isn’t just a Colin the Caterpillar cake. This is a spooky, bone-chillingly Halloween-y Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Gone are all his sugar-sweet qualities of old. Instead, we have a leering caterpillar, all covered in blood red drizzle and black dots.

His white choc antenna and boots have been swapped out for shiny black versions – and, yes, those are a pair of tiny red fangs glistening inside his mouth.

And, naturally, the internet has something to say about it:

Best of all, Spooky Colin costs £7 – which means he’s not a penny more than the original. Bargain.

If you don’t have room for a full-sized Colin, the miniature versions of the classic cake have been given a ghoulish makeover, too. We recommend stashing a pack in your desk, for all of those cake-based emergencies that tend to crop up during the working day (note to our colleagues: if you hear us rustling, we don’t have cake hidden away in our drawers, ok? At least, we don’t have any to share...).

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