We tried Costa's new glitter coffee – and this is our verdict

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The self-proclaimed nation’s “most-loved coffee chain” has got a sparkly surprise for you. 

We admit it, we’re a sucker for a new coffee trend.

From lattes poured into avocado skins to wine-infused espresso, we thought we’d seen (and slurped) it all. But just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, our wildest fantasies have become reality, and just in time for Christmas too.

Especially for the sparkliest time of the year, Costa is giving the gift of glitter to all of its customers with a new range of Shimmer Coffees. Until the big day (25 December), the coffee chain is topping its Flat Whites (£2.40) and Cortados (£1.95) with a limited-edition sprinkle of golden shimmer.

And seeing as it’s the stuff Instagram dreams are made of, we set off to glug some glitz ourselves. 

The first thing to note before you pilgrimage for your party-in-a-cup coffee, check out the list of approved Shimmer Coffee Costas (shown lower below) as there’s not that many providing the service. 

And the coffee itself? Although the results are undeniably shimmery, don’t go in with high-sky glittery expectations. After making your regular looking Flat White, the barista will simply give it a couple of sprays with a golden mist which adds a festive sheen to the top layer of your froth. 

One particularly glitter-mad member of the team felt a little disappointed that there wasn’t a sparkle explosion on her coffee, having imagined real flecks of gold. 

Another said that the ‘bronzed glow’ her drink had adopted looked nice without making her feel suspicious to tuck in, which heaps of actual glitter could do. 

Our overall verdict? Seeing as your coffee tastes and costs exactly the same as usual, we reckon an added shimmer is a welcome addition.’s shimmery Flat White

Costa has invited all those who can get their mitts on one of these sparkly cups of joy to share it on Instagram using the hashtag #ShimmerCoffee for the chance to score yourself a year’s supply of coffee. Although, as you can see above, it doesn’t actually look that sparkly in photos. 

That hasn’t put off Costa fans though, who have wasted no time sharing their jazzy libations, with one social media media user calling it “sparkly and amazing”. 

As we mentioned, there is a slight catch. As well as only being available until the end of this week, Shimmer Coffees are also only gracing certain stores around the country.

To avoid any disappointments, look at the full list of shimmer-approved stores below before you get too excited:

• Derby, Wyvern Drive Thru

• Lincoln High St, Lincoln

• Newcastle Belvedere

• Debenhams Crawley, Upper Mall

• Grimsby, Mall Café, Baxtergate Square

• Warrington, Winwick Road DT

• Somerset, Minehead, 2 Wellington Square

• Bridgwater, 12 Cornhill

• Edinburgh, South Bridge

• Sheffield The Moor

• Bristol, Bristol Airport

• Camberley, Grace Reynolds Walk

• Liverpool, Tithebarn Street

• Stockton on Tea, Teeside Retail Park

• Devon, Honiton, High Street

• Leigh Parsonage, Parsonage Retail Park

• London, Great Marlborough Street

• London, Shelton Street, Covent Garden

• London, Cabot Place, Canary Wharf,

• London, Hays, Galleria

• Brighton, Market Street

• Glasgow, Braehead

• Leeds, Kirkstall

• Newcastle, Market Street

• Manchester, Market Street

Behold, the shimmer-tastic Flat White

If Shimmer Coffees aren’t available in your favourite Costa, be comforted in the knowledge that there are plenty of other festive delights on offer.

Who knew Christmas was such a great time for coffee? 

Images: Costa 


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