How to make a grown-up Creme Egg cocktail

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We love Creme Eggs. We love booze. And thus, we love anyone who can teach us how to combine these things into a delicious, impressive (yet not particularly difficult to make) beverage.

Let us introduce you to the Easter treat of your grown-up dreams: the Creme Egg Piña Colada.

Created by Sam Metcalf of the Waitrose Cookery School, the drink has Piña Colada vibes thanks to the coconut, pineapple and rum, and is served in a Martini glass.

To evoke the Cadbury favourite, the glass can be edged in chocolate and there’s an ever-so-professional-mixologist touch of a fruity floating ‘yolk’ – something that’s surprisingly easy to achieve and chills the drink, melting as you sip more.

Not that we’re saying enjoying a good Creme Egg on its own is unsophisticated (we like ours straight from the freezer, if you’re asking), but a grown-up, treat-inspired alcoholic beverage on the side is any chocolate fan’s ideal food and drink pairing, surely. Possibly only improved by the addition of a vibrant Easter cake...

Scroll down for the recipe and never again be stuck for a suitable beverage for all that Easter entertaining (or all that watching Netflix on your own).

And if this has whet your appetite for Easter cocktails, take a look at our chocolate cocktail recipes and our pick of beautiful springtime mixes.

How to make a Creme Egg  Piña Colada

Ingredients (serves 1):

60ml coconut cream
40ml pineapple juice
20ml white rum
20ml coconut rum
Juice of 1/2 lime
Fruit coulis (this recipe uses mango, passion fruit and yuzu)
Optional melted milk chocolate (for garnish)


Pour the coulis into semi-sphere mould/round ice tray and freeze until it becomes solid.

Prepare a Martini glass by dipping the rim into melted chocolate and leaving in the fridge to chill until it sets.

To make the cocktail, pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake for around 10 seconds until the contents are chilled.

Strain the liquid into a separate glass, then pour back into the shaker and strain for a second time into the chilled Martini glass.

To serve, remove the frozen coulis from the freezer and float it in the centre of the drink.

Images: Waitrose


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