Sacré bleu, we’re about to be hit by a croissant shortage

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Jasmine Andersson
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Pals, you’re going to have to sit down: breakfast devastation has hit, and it’s going to be hard to handle the news.

It seems as if we’ve been hit by a bonafide croissant shortage.

Worse still, the pastry pieces that do make it through to the U.K. are about to get one hell of a lot more expensive. 

According to the Federation of French Bakeries (FEB), the cost of butter has risen from €3 (£2.62) to €5.37 (£4.69) per kilo in a year, which is a whopping 92% rise

This is partly due to an increased demand for milk in Asia, which means that world demand now exceeds supply. However it is also partly due to the fact that EU dairy quotas have recently been phased out: cue an increase in butter prices.

All in all, it’s bad news for croissants: as butter makes up 25% of the delicious flaky pastry, we’re going to be howling “quelle horror” until the breakfast staple becomes more readily available.

“We’re worried that we may no longer even be able to find butter in the next few months because supplies are running short and we could be forced to halt production,” the FEB’s Matthieu Labbe told The Telegraph.

Elsewhere Fabien Castanier (of the federation of French biscuit and cake-makers) told The Guardian:“The industry is under unsustainable pressure. 

“And it’s going to get worse. There’s a real risk of butter running out.”

We imagine that this all means that it’s high-time we returned to the breakfast blues of over-ripe bananas and beige watery porridge.

On the plus side, at least we can avoid the risk of getting annoying pastry crumbs stuck in our bra. 

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