Forget the cronut: ‘crossushi’ is apparently the next big food trend

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Moya Crockett
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It’s a croissant-sushi hybrid, and people don’t know how to feel.

There are some foods that seem to have been invented for the sole purpose of posting on social media, rather than eating and enjoying: mermaid toastglitter coffee; anything with the word ‘unicorn’ in its title.

The latest food to capture the internet’s attention is the ‘crossushi’, a mash-up of croissants and sushi. The unorthodox treat, also known as the ‘California Croissant’, consists of smoked salmon, wasabi, pickled ginger and nori seaweed, wrapped up in croissant pastry and topped with sesame seeds.

It’s sold at branches of pastry chain Mr Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seoul, and has been doing the rounds on social media after being made a ‘moment’ on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, social media reviews of crossushi have been mixed. One Instagram user opined that the snack is “actually pretty amazing and sells out super fast”, while another described it as “all my favourite foods in one at last!”

Twitter users, however, were generally more sceptical.   

Since it’s not currently being sold anywhere in the UK, we’ll have to stick to imagining what one might taste like. And you know what – we’re okay with that. 

Main image: Kawin Harasai