Nutritious and wholesome office snack recipes to fuel your working day

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Instead of reaching for your office's paltry supply of stale digestives next time you're hungry, why not make your own delicious workplace snacks?

After all, four-day-old leftover birthday cake has nothing on freshly baked ricotta focaccia, or tortilla chips served with spicy black bean dip.

Not only will you feel better by crafting your own morsels, you'll also score brownie points by sharing the wealth with your team.

You can also choose to make the morsels of your choice as healthy as you want. For example, these chocolate chip cookies (pictured above) may look sinful but they're actually very healthy thanks to agave nectare and 75% cocoa chocolate. 

From avocado crostinis to butter-glazed doughnuts, we've scoured our favourite food blogs for the tastiest office snack recipes around. 

Main image: Foodie Factor

  • Mini vegetarian pizzas

    How cute are these petite pizzas? Created with spelt flour dough, they come piled with a whole range of toppings from tomatoes to spinach, olives, big chunks of garlic and marinated aubergine. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: Green Kitchen Stories

  • Grape and ricotta focaccia

    Spoil your colleagues with hunks of this sumptuously posh focaccia, made with spoonfuls of creamy ricotta.

    Find the recipe here


  • Simple black bean dip

    This spicy dip is the king of multi-taskers. Garnish with smoked paprika and a spritz of lime and store it in your work fridge, to have in tacos, with celery sticks or a giant bag of corn tortilla chips. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: Edible Perspective

  • Carob and fig muffins

    A gloriously wholesome take on the breakfast muffin, this recipe uses antioxidant-rich carob in the place of chocolate, coupled with the sweet jammy tang of figs.

    Find the recipe here

    Image: My New Roots

  • Tomato toast with parmesan

    These toasted baguette slices are quick and easy enough to make in the office, with a simple Mediterranean charm that means you can pretend you're on the Italian Riviera, rather than spreading crumbs over your keyboard.

    Find the recipe here

    Image: Not Without Salt

  • Bite-sized salmon and asparagus quiches

    Perfect mouthful parcels of delight for those "I need to eat something now!" moments, these quiches are encased in smoked salmon instead of pastry, for a lighter taste. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: Made by Margie

  • Baked brown butter and pistachio doughnuts

    We defy you not to gorge yourself on these AMAZING doughnuts, topped with browned butter glaze and chopped salted pistachios.The ultimate office indulgence. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: Joy The Baker

  • Whole wheat naan

    Put a stack of these freshly-made naan breads into an airtight container for a wholesome and tasty accompaniment to guacamole or hummus anytime you feel like it. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: The Faux Martha

  • Avocado almondaise tartines

    Be the envy of your office with these moreish and filling crusty bread tartines, heaped with avocado slices, radish pieces and slices of hard boiled egg. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: Love and Lemons

  • Peanut butter and pretzel bars

    These no-bake bars are the ideal low-maintenance snacks, made with creamy peanut butter, salted mini pretzels and chopped milk chocolate.

    Find the recipe here.

    Image: Top With Cinnamon/ No Bake Makery

  • Homemade trail mix

    Custom-make your own energising blend of nuts, seeds and dried fruit, along with a few additional goodies such as shredded coconut and raw cacao nibs. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: Nutrition Stripped

  • Maple-sweetened pumpkin muffins with oats

    Whole wheat flour, oats, coconut oil and spices all combine to make these nutritious, quick-fix muffins. 

    Find the recipe here.

    Image: Cookie and Kate

  • Charred cauliflower with toasted bread crumbs

    Caramelized cauliflower makes for a deeply satisfying - and healthy - snack. Mix with parsley and gherkins for a filling appetizer that you can dip into throughout a slow Wednesday afternoon at the office. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: Tasting Table

  • Sweet and sticky honey chicken strips

    They're not the easiest snacks in the world to make but these oven-baked breadcrumb chicken strips are so worth it for the wow factor. Get Fridays off to a swing by serving them with ketchup, honey or whatever you can find in your office cupboard. 

    Find the recipe here

    Image: White On Rice Couple


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