4 easy weeknight dinners you need to add to your repertoire

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After a busy day at work and a gym class you thought would be perfect for a Monday evening, hunting down ingredients at the supermarket for a new recipe is probably the last thing you feel like doing.

That same pasta dish? For a third successive night? A bit bleak, isn’t it?

You can do better than that. All you need is a bit of inspiration and every ingredient delivered to your door, including the recipe. 

Thank goodness, then, for HelloFresh who do just that. 

Here are four of its super-simple meals to add to your repertoire, all of which are totally delicious and can be prepared in as little as 20 minutes.

  • 1. Parisienne chicken

    You know when you’re craving classic comfort food, but the weather is too hot to get a casserole on the go?

    Well, this is your solution.

    A combo of chicken, chickpeas, Parisienne herbs, tomatoes and peppers, all served with fluffy couscous, it’s a summery alternative to a full-on winter stew.

    And clocking in at a 20-minute cook time, you won’t be chained to the oven all evening either.

  • 2. Super speedy prawn pilaf

    Ah, pilaf. The Rolls-Royce of comforting rice dishes.

    Aromatic spices, juicy prawns and a zingy twist of lime make for a satisfying mid-week option you can have on the table in no time at all.

    You can make it all in a single pan too, so there’s no need to faff around for ages with extra dishes. 

    Best of all, you can enjoy 35% off your first four HelloFresh boxes plus a £10 gift card for, Asos, Costa or John Lewis when you sign up and use the code STYLIST4.


  • 3. Mushroom and pancetta linguine

    A pasta dish, sure, but far tastier than that pesto-based number you’ve been making since uni.

    Flavour-bombs of pancetta and mushrooms, with asparagus for greenery and a sprinkling of pine nuts for texture?

    Yes, we’re now obsessed and will be eating this forever. We won’t be taking any further questions at this time.

  • 4. Paprika spiced cod

    This deceptively easy fish dish is a masterclass in ‘looks far more difficult than it actually is’ cookery.

    If you usually find white fish a bit dull, try it with smoky paprika, which kicks it up a few notches on the flavour scale.

    Serve with crushed herby potatoes and crunchy mangetout, and you’ve got a fully Insta-ready ensemble.

To get all the ingredients to all the above recipes delivered to your door, fresh and ready to cook, simply sign up to HelloFresh. A flexible subscription service that means no planning and no shopping, just choose your favourite recipes from a changing weekly menu and it’ll deliver quality, pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipes direct to you. Better still, you can enjoy 35% off your first four HelloFresh boxes plus a £10 gift card for, Asos, Costa or John Lewis when you use the code STYLIST4. Terms and conditions apply.