Easy Easter baking ideas and recipes with mini eggs you can do at home

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These Easter chocolate treats are so easy to make and can be created by you, at home, in no time at all. 

We can’t explain the why or the how, but there’s something about Easter chocolate which is just so much better than all other chocolate.

Heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s truffles and chocolate mini Santas can get stuffed: nothing beats a hollowed out, egg-shaped sphere of deliciousness. Combine this with toasted, buttery hot cross buns, ganache-filled bunnies and Easter biscuits and you could say this is the best holiday for treat-eating.

But what’s even more satisfying than buying a delicious Easter-themed snack from the supermarket? Well, making them yourself at home, of course! 

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While restrictions will have loosened slightly in England by the Easter weekend, with up to six people able to meet up outside after the 29 March, restaurants will still be closed and people shouldn’t leave their local areas. So, there’s plenty of chances to stay inside and be entertained with some Easter-themed baking. 

We’ve had cheesecake Easter eggs on our list of yummy things to make for a while, but there are some other viral dessert recipes that deserve to be tried, too.

Here’s our guide to the most obscenely mouth-watering Easter treats you need to try your hand over the bank holiday, or whenever you like. 

  • Cheesecake Easter eggs

    What’s better than an Easter egg? Well, an Easter egg crammed full with cheesecake filling and more chocolate, obviously. We’ve seen a few versions of this recipe doing the rounds on social media, so we’ve explained a variety of ways to do it below. 

    1. Take an Easter egg and split it into halves. The Custom Cake Shop in Bristol recommends using a Cadbury dairy milk egg as it’s already in two parts.

    2. Melt some butter (around 80g should be enough) and mix it into enough crumbled digestive biscuits to fill half of each portion.

    3. Create your cheesecake mix. One option for this is to mix Philadelphia cream cheese, double cream, vanilla and icing sugar.

    4. Another option to make a ganache-like filling is to whip 275ml of double cream and then fold in two melted bars of plain chocolate, a tin of condensed milk and mix really well.

    5. Pour your filling into the eggs, on top of the buttery biscuit crumbs.

    6. Decorate! You could use Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs, Malteser Bunnies – whatever works for you.

    7. Pop in the fridge and leave to set for at least two hours. 

  • Creme Egg Hot Cross Buns

    We love hot cross buns at the best of times, but you can make them even more delicious by adding another classic Easter (and, well, all year round) treat – the Creme Egg.

    1. Pre-heat your oven to 150°C and slice your hot cross buns into two halves.

    2. Take the top half and carve out a little egg-sized hole.

    3. Chop your Creme Eggs into halves and slot a half into the hole atop of your bun, with the fondant facing up and out.

    4. Butter the bottom half of your bun and lay in a baking tray.

    5. Pop the top half of your bun in the tray too.

    6. Bake for eight to 10 minutes and they should be ready to enjoy warm!

  • Easter nests

    Not only does this Easter nest look cute on the ‘gram, it’s the easiest of the lot to make at home!

    1. Buy yourself some meringue nests from the supermarket, or if you’re feeling brave make your own and use food dye to give them some pizzazz (we like this recipe).

    2. Melt a bar of milk chocolate on the hob until it’s completely liquid and using a spoon, drizzle it across the top of your nest.

    3. Stick your Mini Eggs or chosen decoration into the chocolate while it’s warm.

    4. Add a final flourish of edible glitter!

    5. Leave to set for two hours. 

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Images: The Custom Cake Shop / Instagram 


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