There’s a new flavour of Fab and people are calling it a “game changer”

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We've had new versions of Oreos (‘firework’ and peanut butter ice-cream). Then there was the Dairy Milk stuffed with Oreos and peanut butter. Before that, it was the Cadbury mega bar containing blocks of basically every version in existence. We seem to love a twist on a classic.

Now, lovers of fun summer snacks on a stick, the people behind Fabs are celebrating the ice lolly’s 50th anniversary with a new flavour.

Listen, we know you’re extremely fond of the original, some would say iconic, three-in-one treat combining strawberry, white milk ice and chocolate topped with sprinkles. We know you only turn to the little-seen tropical version in a crisis. (We also know we’re not the only ones who eat it from the bottom up, risking disaster with uneven weight distribution in the name of leaving the best til last.)

But this one? This one you’ll want to see:

This is birthday cake flavour. Because it’s Fab’s birthday, see?

The new, limited-edition version replaces strawberry ice with raspberry and the layer of milk ice with vanilla sponge flavour, while the top is icing.

OK, we know it’s a lot to take in. Let us break it down for you:

Early adopters are already praising the new version as a “game changer”, “amaze” and “the one”, with a fan describing it as the “tastiest ice lolly in the entire universe” and another pleading “never stop making the birthday cake fabs”.

We mean, we don’t want to so readily give up that which has served us so well or ever be accused of exaggeration, but we reckon it’s safe to say that trying one of these will probably change our lives.

The new birthday cake Fabs are already available in supermarkets, RRP £1.99 for a box of six. Enough to share. Or not. Definitely not.

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