Five ways to kickstart your day with 5-ways granola

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Everyone knows that a good breakfast is the best way to start your morning and set you up for the day. You deserve more than a cold slice of toast eaten on the Tube platform and you know it. So, rather than making do with another manky banana, why not grab a bag of Nutri-Brex’s 5 Ways Granola and give yourself a head start? As well as being gluten-free, low in sugar, rich in healthy fats and free of artificial additives and preservatives, these clever toasted cereals are more versatile than an Olympic decathlete.

Both varieties – Hazelnut, Coconut and Quinoa; and Honey, Almonds and Seeds – are ripe for sprucing up, so you can tuck in to the kind of breakfast that’ll leave you feeling great all the way up until lunchtime. Given 5 Ways’ versatility, we thought we’d put together a selection of quick and easy breakfast ideas for you to try, but the creative possibilities don’t stop here. Thank us later… 

For more delicious 5 Ways recipe inspiration, head to, or find us on Instagram at @nutribrex and check out the #5wayschallenge.

  • 1) The Super Smoothie

    Smoothies are brilliant. Just whack a banana, some blueberries, a few spinach leaves, milk and a handful of 5 Ways Granola into a blender. It might wake your flatmates up, but who cares when the result is this good?

  • 2) The Breakfast Bowl

    Breakfast bowls are great because they’re so simple to knock up. There’s nothing more to it than layering some Greek yoghurt with 5 Ways and whatever toppings take your fancy that morning. We love a tropical bowl, with goji berries, coconut flakes and mango.

  • 3) The Granola/Porridge Double Whammy

    Bored of the usual bowl of porridge? Impossible, surely, but if that is the case, why not live a little and sprinkle some 5 Ways on your oats for an extra layer of flavour. Or you could make porridge with your 5 Ways, which will be even more flavoursome. 

  • 4) The Granola Bircher

    Finally, save some time in the morning with a breakfast you can put together before you go to bed. Add a generous dollop of yoghurt, a splash of apple juice and a quarter of an apple (grated) to your 5 Ways Granola. Finish the mix with 100ml of milk, give it a good mix and pop it in the fridge. By the time you rise and shine, there’ll be a delicious bowl of bircher waiting for you.

  • 5) The Banana-Pop

    Bananas are brilliant. They’re healthy but also make a great treat. To make a batch of weekend-friendly treats, just slide a wooden lolly stick into a halved banana, dip your half in Greek yoghurt and then roll it in a generous helping of 5 Ways Granola. Bung it in the freezer for two hours and you’re good to go.

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