Stop what you're doing and revel in the greatness of Freddo hot chocolate

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Anna Brech
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It’s fair to say that Freddo bars have developed something of a cult following. 

Not only do the frog-shaped Cadbury treats pack a nostalgic punch, they’re also a classic example of absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The iconic chocolate disappeared from our shelves for 15 years (between 1979 and 1994), making it all the more coveted when it finally made a comeback.

And let’s not forget the widespread outrage that was ignited earlier this year, when the price of a Freddo skyrocketed from 25p to 30p.

Unsurprisingly then, the online world has slightly lost its cool over the discovery that there is now a Freddo brand of hot chocolate.

Cadbury quietly rolled out the special edition drinking powder in September 2016, but it seems it’s only come to the attention of the masses in recent weeks. 

Though some spoilsports have pointed out that there’s actually not any difference between Freddo drinking chocolate and ordinary Cadbury drinking chocolate (both are made from Dairy Milk), lifelong aficionados of the bite-sized delight are nevertheless stoked. 

Come revel in the excitement below, and order your very own tub of the good stuff for £1.50 here.


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