Got hay fever? Here's why a gin and tonic should be your drink of choice

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Hayley Spencer
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Al fresco drinking isn’t quite the Instagrammable affair it’s cracked up to be if you’re a hay fever sufferer. There’s nothing glamorous about sneezing and spluttering into your wine spritzer.

But curbing the symptoms of your pollen allergy could be as simple as changing what’s in your glass.

Asthma UK has highlighted that by swapping beer, cider and some wines for clear drinks you could curb the symptoms of hay fever.

This is because the former beverages are high in histamines and sulphites which both exacerbate allergic reactions.

Red wine and some beers contain high levels of histamine which is released when your body experiences an allergic reaction, and in some people triggers allergy symptoms. 

White wine is also worth staying clear of, as it’s high in sulphites which can also trigger allergic reactions, namely wheezing.

Gin and vodka on the other hand are low in both of these natural food chemicals and your best bet to avoid a sneezing fit on your next beer garden trip.

We’ll take an ice cold G&T, please.

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