Have you been making G&Ts wrong all this time?

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Anna Brech
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We have to admit, we don’t really spend a long time pondering how to create the perfect G&T.

It’s a case of grabbing a handful of ice, adding in the two main ingredients and then chucking on a mint garnish. Right?

Well, perhaps not…

Good Housekeeping has grilled two of Britain’s leading gin experts over how to mix the perennial summertime favourite. And it seems there’s a number of elementary mistakes we’re making which interfere massively with the taste.

For one; many of us use the wrong glass. Apparently, we shouldn’t use a highball design (or even just reach for the first clean container we chance across, as may be the case for some of us).

“Contrary to the traditional highball glass, one with a good opening – like a copa, tumbler or even a red wine glass – can really enhance the nose and allow you to take in all the fragrant botanicals in the gin,” says Simon Gamble, Product Creative Director of Two Birds Spirits

And, to add to the drama, it transpires we may not have been thinking the whole ice aspect through thoroughly enough either.

It’s crucial to get your glass as cold as possible,” says James Chase, CEO and Founder of Chase Distillery.

“Add as much ice as you possibly can (and make sure it’s clear). I always say the more ice you use, the less dilution you get – meaning you’ll really be able to taste the quality of the gin.”

You’ve been told, folks. Now go forth and spread the knowledge...

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