Negronis, sours and slings, oh my: 21 glorious gin cocktails to make at home

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It doesn't matter what season it is (or what season it's supposed to be), gin always fits somehow.

It is, of course, great with tonic, but it also works so well with sweet summery fruits and refreshing, more savoury flavours, that it would frankly be amiss if we didn't sing its praises as the perfect cocktail base.

There are a wealth of different gins out there with unique tastes, so try a few and when you've found your favourite, we've certainly got a cocktail recipe here to match. From the classic Negroni and Martini, to the intriguing Earl Grey and honeydew melon mixes, there's something to suit you and your gin in our pick of 21 booze-based delights to make at home.

Bear in mind that many of the featured recipes use fluid ounces instead of ml - 1oz is approximately a single shot measure (it converts to about 30ml and a single measure in the UK is 25 or 35ml).

But if you end up with a splash or two more than suggested, we won't tell anyone. Just leave the flaring to the professionals.

Words: Amy Swales

  • Cucumber Cooler

    This is a simple and adaptable recipe requiring mint leaves, lime juice, cucumber slices and sugar to taste. All the ingredients are easily available at any time of year, but guaranteed to make you feel like it's summer.

    Find the recipe at

  • Blackberry Lemon G&T

    A version of the classic G&T mix using a muddle of blackberries, mint and lemons. Autumnal.

    Find the recipe at

  • Candied Grapefruit

    If you've got time to candy your own grapefruit, this recipe tells you how (it looks surprisingly straightforward actually) but if not, this refreshing grapefruit juice and agave cocktail sounds delicious enough on its own.

    Find the recipe at

  • Strawberry Smash

    This is a very simple way to have a jugful of cocktail ready to go. Fresh fruit, club soda (soda water is fine), sugar and lime juice. You could also try a twist of black pepper.

    Find the recipe at

  • Gin Buck

    The Gin Buck is the gin version of the Moscow Mule and so simple - gin, lime juice and as much ginger beer as you fancy. Done! Tin cup optional.

    Find the recipe at

  • Gin Martini

    A classic Martini requires only a chilled glass, gin and dry vermouth. Quantities are up to you and your personal taste. Use olive brine to make it as dirty as you want or turn it into a Gibson with a pickled onion.

    Find a recipe for a pretty dirty Martini at

  • Gin & Tonic Granita

    A drink and a dessert in one boozy glass. G&T granita is simple to make and easy to customise by adding your favourite flavours. Be warned: this is not a great last-minute option, as it needs at least four hours of freezing time.

    Find the recipe at

  • Orange Gin Fizz

    Another version of the Gin Fizz uses orange juice and soda water. It's practically healthy.

    Find the recipe at

  • Aviation

    It's possible you don't have Crème de Violette hanging round your drinks cabinet, but it might be worth investing in for this Insta-worthy gin, cherry and lemon cocktail.

    Find the recipe at

  • Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

    You'll need cold Earl Grey tea and some honey syrup (easily made by heating water and honey) for this one, which is making us feel like we want to throw a drinks party themed on afternoon tea.

    Find the recipe at

  • Negroni

    No gin cocktail list would be complete without this three ingredient wonder. Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Do it. Do it now.

    Find the recipe at

  • Blueberry Gin Sour

    Jazz up a Gin Sour with some fruit. Handily, you can use defrosted frozen blueberries for this as well as fresh, although you also need egg white and Angostura Bitters.

    Find the recipe at

  • Green Giant

    Sugar snap peas and tarragon give this mix a different edge. You'll need lemon juice and simple syrup too (which is just equal parts white sugar and water heated until dissolved).

    Find the recipe at

  • Gin Bloody Mary

    There's no reason you can't swap the vodka in a Bloody Mary mix for a hearty slug of gin. This formulation involves plenty of spices, including celery seed, cumin and oregano, but we won't tell anyone if the most you can face is slinging some Gordon's in a tomato juice.

    Find the recipe at

  • Corpse Reviver No.2

    There are two Corpse Reviver cocktails, and this one involves gin. It needs Lillet Blanc, an aperitif wine used in Bond's favourite Vesper cocktail, and you'll also need an orange liqueur such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier if you want to raise the dead with this one.

    Find the recipe at

  • Strawberry Long Island Iced Tea

    A version of the famous chuck-em-all-in cocktail. It recommends a splash of sweet and sour mix (which you can DIY with lemon, lime and sugar) and strawberry Daiquiri/Margarita mix, which we're sure you have hanging around from an ill-advised hen do. Or just mush up some strawberries and be done with it - after all, it's not the subtlest of cocktails, is it?

    Find the recipe at

  • Ramos Gin Fizz

    Also known as the New Orleans Fizz, this one requires a little more effort, given it involves finding orange blossom water and using egg white, but oh, we could drink five right now.

    Find the recipe at

  • Melon Gin & Tonic

    Honeydew melon, sugar, gin, tonic and a blender. Done.

    Find the recipe at

  • Singapore Sling

    The Singapore Sling isn't short on ingredients (anyone got a bottle of Cherry Heering to hand?) but it's a classic gin mix worth a shot (or three).

    Find the recipe at

  • Voices in my Head

    Had too many light, refreshing drinks? Need something a little sturdier? Try this concoction (inspired by The Amityville Horror), which combines blackcurrant puree, port and a couple of chillis for a serious kick.

    Find the recipe at

  • Gin and Tonic

    An oldie but a goodie. Stick your favourite fruit in a G&T mixed to your preference and you're good to go. Happy drinking...

    Find some fruit and herb ideas at

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