This gin and tonic cheesecake is the boozy bake of your dreams

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As you’ve no doubt gathered from our countless odes on the subject, we’re very big fans of gin – particularly when all those heady botanicals are served up with a dash of bitter tonic, a twist of zesty lime, and plenty of clinking ice cubes.

For years, we’ve been drinking our G&Ts in liquid form, like absolute chumps. Because, as it turns out, there’s an even better way to enjoy our favourite alcoholic tipple…

And it involves light, fluffy cheesecake.

Think a thick chocolatey biscuit base, slathered with orange-infused cream, and topped off with a thick layer of boozy (and citrusy) gin jelly.

It’s the stuff of dreams, isn’t it?

The recipe, which was created by the talented Gin Baker, requires digestive biscuits, butter, cocoa powder, mascarpone, double cream, orange juice, tonic water, gelatine, the zest of two fresh oranges, and a healthy dollop of gin.

And, if you want to get really specific about it, Four Pillars Gin is the one to go for, thanks to its uniquely intense flavours of citrus, coriander, juniper, star anise, and lemon myrtle.

The Gin Baker explains: “After that first sip of Four Pillars Rare Gin, I was instantly inspired and I knew that I wanted to amplify its prominent citrus notes.”

If you’re worried about the booze disappearing into all the other flavours, don’t. “Juniper is also clearly there, alongside its array of traditional botanicals,” the Gin Baker points out, “which overall gives the gin a great depth so I knew there was no chance of losing the flavour in the bake.”

And, if you prefer a lemon-and-lime base to your gin, then just swap out the juice, fruit, and zests for the citrus fruit of your choice; it’ll still pair beautifully with the chocolate base.


The recipe is a simple one to follow, although it does require due care, time, and attention; you’ll need to leave it overnight to set properly, for starters, although that’s not the end of the world. If you’re anything like us, you can pop it in the fridge and distract yourself thoroughly with a Netflix box set or two.

Just make sure you serve it up with a large G&T and a slice of fresh orange, to really bring out all of those incredible flavours.

If your sweet tooth is crying out for a quicker boozy treat, then why not try these 30-minute spiced gin brownies instead? Or, if you’re feeling really lazy, you could just try dunking pre-bought Jaffa Cakes into a glass of mother’s ruin.

We won’t judge… much.

You can find the full recipe for the chocolate orange gin cheesecake – including exact measurements – on The Gin Baker.


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