The Christmas cracker all gin fans will want on their tree this year

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Amy Swales
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Booze-filled crackers are not new, but this one has a crucial difference.

Gin’s reign as the spirit du jour is not quite over, and we consider it a public service to let you know of the ever-growing ways in which you can enjoy it.

Hot on the heels of what could be the most festive gin ever, another gin brand has launched itself onto the Christmas scene with a boozy cracker.

While Caorunn’s offering is like others on the market in that it includes a miniature bottle of the spirit, this one also contains a can of tonic and a G&T scented candle; that’s an entire juniper-infused experience in one box.

The cracker contains gin, tonic and a botanicals-infused candle

The tonic is Fentimans Premium, while the candle is scented with bog myrtle and apple – two of the botanicals used in Caorunn gin.

It’s available on the website from 27 November and will be priced at £12 per cracker (so perhaps more of a gift than a Christmas table favour for all those distant relatives).

Of course, there is nothing to say you couldn’t attempt to DIY the idea with your own favourite gin (though you’d have to find a cracker template big enough to hold more than a miniature).

And if your tree is already weighed down with tiny gins and your December is full of boozy advent calendars, don’t worry: it turns out you can indulge your love of gin without the spirit itself.

A quick scout around the world of online shopping reveals a gin and tonic cracker includes lip balm and bath salts from, while another beauty buy includes ginny lip balm and hand cream.

And this personalised take on the trend is full of Smith & Sinclair’s delicious G&T sweets (warning: these are still somewhat alcoholic). 

Just don’t blame us if you keep buying things for guests and keeping them yourself; we are mere conduits for the responsible indulging of your gin passion.

Images: Caorunn