The goth latte is here to redefine black coffee for 2017

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Kayleigh Dray
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Coffee used to be pretty basic: you’d go in, you’d order it with or without milk, and you’d leave on a caffeine high.

In 2017, however, things are very different: there’s wine-infused coffee to contend with, and gin espresso cocktails to sip on. For those who prefer to keep their caffeine and their alcohol separate, there’s cold brew in a cone – and let’s never forget the psychedelic unicorn blends that are popping up all over our Instagram feeds.

Now, finally, there's a coffee that truly speaks to our inner Morticia Addams: say hello to the goth latte.

Also known as the charcoal latte, and just like black goth ice cream, it’s unapologetically dark, furious and ever so Instagrammable.

So why is everyone so obsessed with these darker-than-dark coffees?

Well, they’re not just good for your Instagram profile, they could also be good for your gut, too.

The lattes are typically made using foamy milk and activated charcoal, which many believe has some seriously ‘black magic’ properties.

According to, charcoal is the ideal hangover cure and it’s great for the digestion: “It helps to heal all colon diseases and greatly benefits the intestines.

“[Charcoal] will [also] greatly counteract flatulence and help to eradicate foul odours in the colon or intestinal tract.”

Add this to the natural health benefits of coffee (it’s high in antioxidants, can reduce stress and has been proven to lower the risk of certain cancers) and you have a recipe for perfection, really.

Goth lattes are becoming widely available across the USA and the UK, with a number of London coffee shops making waves on social media thanks to their beaut-looking beverages.

Just remember that that charcoal can weaken certain medications, so if you're popping pills for something specific or have a pre-existing medical condition, make sure to drop your GP a line before jumping on the goth latte bandwagon.

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