Hot cross buns: best way to eat and serve them this Easter weekend

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Megan Murray
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What’s the best way to gobble the notorious hot cross bun, everybody’s favourite Easter snack? Well, we’ve all certainly got our favourites. Here, the Stylist team share theirs.

There isn’t that much to do this Easter weekend. Although we’ve picked out the most virtual fun you can have online (including creating your own video pub quiz), one of the biggest things on our bank holiday agenda is food. Namely, hot cross buns. 

Doughy, sultana-scattered and smothered in butter, we love ‘em and there’s no better time to scoff them than Easter.

Traditionally, hot cross buns are reserved for Good Friday to mark the end of Lent, but 20 million are sold during Easter week in the UK. As a nation, we just can’t get enough.

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The standard recipe involves strong bread flour, full fat milk, butter and yeast, with sultanas, mixed peel and a dash of cinnamon. But we’ve known concoctions with elderflower and matcha to make their way into the Stylist office, to mixed responses delight and horror.

It got us talking – and debating – so here are our cherished hot cross bun rules and rituals, for you to debate at home too…

Hot cross buns: how do you eat yours?

“Keep it simple”

I eat mine… very lightly toasted. You have to outsmart the toaster and be quick on the eject button. Add salty butter. The end. Those weird new flavours of hot cross bun are a waste of my time. Keep it simple.

Best bun: M&S Luxury Hot Cross Buns (£1.50,

Helen Bownass, entertainment director 

“As a bacon sandwich”

I eat mine… as a bacon sandwich. Not crispy bacon, though. It should be thick and soft. Add butter and classic Heinz ketchup – and I might even mop up some of the fat from the bacon pan using the bun.

Best bun: Konditor & Cook (£6.50,

Tom Gormer, photography and specials director

“Bring on the peanut butter”

I eat mine… with crunchy peanut butter. Cinnamon, sultanas and peanuts shouldn’t work, but somehow it really does. Don’t judge until you’ve tried it, people.

Best bun: Lidl Deluxe (99p,

Hannah Keegan, features writer

“Extra fruity”

I eat mine… extra fruity. I love the blueberry flavour from M&S served toasted and buttered with plenty of jam. Basically: the sweeter, the better.

Best bun: M&S Blueberry Hot Cross Buns (£1.50,

Fliss Thistlethwaite, executive editor digital 

“With cheddar cheese”

I eat mine… toasted with a slab of cheddar cheese. Honestly, it’s like an amazing cheese roll.

Best bun: Any bun will do but a good quality, really strong, crumbly cheddar is essential.

Gareth Watkins, acting production editor 

“On its own”

I eat mine… as they come. Not toasted, not buttered – BUT they have to be fresh. And no weird flavours like choc orange. I’m a purist.

Best bun: Gail’s Bakery (£1.60 each,

Gemma Crisp, editor of Stylist Loves

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