How to pair wine with food like a pro

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Knowing about wine can seem intimidating, but you don’t need to study for years to learn a few important tips about pairing wine and food, we’ve got you covered…

There’s nothing better than a few glasses of wine with friends. But what do we really know about pairing grapes with grub? 

If you’re anything like us, you know that it’s white with fish and red with meat, and that’s about the extent of it.

But there’s a bigger benefit to tailor your wine to your meal than winning over a snobby sommelier. 

With the right duo, you’ll ensure all flavours (in both food and wine) will be amplified, making your whole experience even better. 

And why would you not? Plus, you can share your wine, and your knowledge, with your nearest and dearest. 

Campo Viejo has got your back when it comes to the know-how. 

They’re holding a series of supper clubs this summer for you to enjoy their wine with the best food, meet new people and learn how to find the perfect pairings, and so that you can share them over a meal with friends.

And if anyone can impart wisdom on wine getting people together, it’s Campo Viejo.

Originating from Rioja back in 1964, the wine was founded by three winemakers, Juan Alcorta, Jose Ortiguela and Jose Bezares, who wanted to create a wine for that would bring friends and family around tables to break bread over a bottle and share some quality time together.

They dreamt of creating a truly great Spanish wine (debunking the tradition of people only drinking wine from their own regions), and have pretty much nailed it. So, you know you’re in good hands.

As a simple introduction to matching your wine with whatever food you have planned (or vice versa, if you have a particular favourite), here’s what you should team four wines with this summer.

For a light seafood salad: Blanco

It’s white wine, so naturally, fish is the best choice. Seafood, fried fish and salads work wonders with Campo Viejo Blanco’s light, crisp flavour. 

Just the thing for summer afternoons to cool yourself down and enjoy a few glasses with friends.

For a smorgasbord of tapas: Tempranillo

This is the wine to pick if you’re a beginner, as it’s Campo Viejo’s most versatile blend – Tempranillo goes with almost any meal while still retaining its flavour.

Perfect if you’re serving a selection of tapas, it brings out the delicious flavours in popular dishes such as tortillas, patatas bravas and croquettes – all the good stuff. 

Just as tapas is the ultimate sharing option, tempranillo is the wine to pour everyone a glass of as you sit down to tuck in.

For antipasti or a cheeseboard: Reserva

A warming blend best avoided with spicy food, as the wine provides all the heat. 

One for your cured meats or blue cheeses, Campo Viejo Reserva can hold its own against strong flavours. 

Perfect for a post-dinner treat with those that are left in the embers of the party and you crack out the good stuff.

For a BBQ or roast: Gran Reserva

The perfect wine to enjoy either at the end of the night or the end of summer. 

The smoky, warm flavour of Campo Viejo Gran Reserva pairs well with a post-dinner coffee or dark chocolate (Green & Black’s over After Eights, these days), or some marinated meat on the BBQ. 

On cooler evenings, a roast or casserole make the perfect accompaniment, for food that takes a small team to prepare, and a bigger team to enjoy together.

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