Katsu sando is the new foodie trend taking over our Instagram feeds

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Say hello to the delicious new sandwich filling up our feeds…

In the UK nothing gets us more excited than a new food or drink trend to try out on any given weekend. From rose gold lattes to avocado art and salad cakes, we’re willing to give anything a go, as long as it’s shiny and new.

So, when we saw the katsu sando trending in our social media feeds, we knew we were on to something special.

First of all, what is the katsu sando exactly? Well, ‘katsu’ means cutlets and ‘sando’ is the Japanese abbreviation for sandwich – so it’s basically two pieces of Japanese milk bread wrapped around a meaty cutlet, most often made from pork, but beef, chicken and halloumi are sometimes also used. Before being sandwiched, though, this cutlet is breaded in panko (Japanese bread crumbs) and fried, before being smothered in zingy tonkatsu sauce and topped off with some raw cabbage. Yum.

If you’re thinking the katsu sando sort of looks similar to a schnitzel, then you’d be right. The sandwich first appeared in restaurants and cafes way back in 1899, and it was indeed, inspired by the schnitzel. However, it is back on the foodie scene with a vengeance: indeed, you might say the katsu sando is the ultimate holy grail of any food-snapping Instagram user.

Now, the restaurant, Tātā Eatery, that created the viral sandwich will be putting up a permanent residence on Old Street in 2019. 

In the meantime, check out people’s love the delicious sandwich below: 

If you can’t fine a katsu sando on the high street, then don’t despair: why not try making it yourself, instead? 


• Eight slices of thinly slice pork

• Salt and crack black pepper

• Flour

• Beaten egg

• Bread crumbs

• Vegetable oil for frying

• Tonkatsu sauce

• Shredded cabbage

• Whole-grain mustard

• Four slices of bread 


1) Lay out your slices of and season with salt and pepper.

2) Lightly flour the pork, dip it in a beaten egg and the cover in breadcrumbs (while keeping one hand dry).

3) Fry the pork in a non-stick pan with vegetable oil until golden brown.

4) Remove from the oil and drain.

5) Spread one side of bread with butter and one side of two slices of bread with whole-grain mustard. Place cabbage on the bread and then place the pork on top. Cover them in sauce and then finish with one slice of bread on top. Slice off the crusts. 

Go on, give it a go!

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Have you tried a katsu sando yet?


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