A doughnut dessert den is coming to London

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Anna Brech
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Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Have your jazz hands ready – a new pop-up from doughnut giant Krispy Kreme is promising showtime vibes aplenty…

There’s something rather illicit about the the thrill of devouring a tray of doughnuts. 

So it’s perhaps no wonder than Krispy Kreme have run with the theme to launch a back-door speakeasy – based exclusively around doughnuts.

Speakeasies were, of course, illegal drinking dens and saloons that popped up across America during its prohibition era (1920-1933). 

The Krispy Kreme version aims to conjure up some of covert glamour associated with the movement; along with a generous helping of puns.

The hidden music and dessert bar will appear through a secret door at the back of “Doughtown Records”, an inconspicuous-looking store on Great Portland Street, central London. 

Guests will be treated to live music from soul singers including headline act “The Pie-Ettes”. They’ll also get to try a fleet of new doughnut flavours including Banana Kreme Pie, Cherry Pie and Reese’ Peanut Butter Pie.

A scene modelled on a 1920s speakeasy
The pop-up takes inspiration from the showtime glamour of a 1920s speakeasy

As well as a speakeasy theme, the pop-up bar will take inspiration from 60s Americana, in a further nod to Krispy Kreme’s State-side heritage.

They’ll be Motown music, along with treats that are imbued with the feel of old-school diner favourites, including Krispy Kreme Ice Kreme and Cherry Kreme milkshakes. 

Want to get a taste of the doughnut action? The event takes place next Friday 24 and 25 May, and tickets cost £5 on Facebook (all proceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust). 

For further food for thought, check out our pick of the UK’s best doughnut joints – no hiding required – right here.

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